Why should I be a prefect in school?

Why is it important to apply for school prefect? It enhances your leadership qualities and helps you become a stronger and a more responsible person. People will see you as a role model, so to meet their expectations, you naturally develop your skills. What is the best way for a prefect to settle conflicts?

Why should I be a school captain?

I think I would make a great School Captain because I have patience and understanding. I listen to other people and acknowledge their ideas. I am a good leader, I take responsibility for my actions and respect everyone and everything. I am a great role model and I set a good example for younger students.

How do you write a good Igcse speech?

Here are a few tips to help you prepare to score top marks in your GCSE English exam.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Make a great opening statement.
  3. Structure your speech.
  4. Begin every paragraph with a topic sentence.
  5. Use very good English.
  6. Express your opinion.
  7. Write from the 1st person and engage your audience.

What is the role of a school house captain?

To organise House meetings and communicate clearly and effectively with all members of the House team. To help organise and support House activities including, Inter-House Competitions such as House Sports and House Music. To support and model positive behaviour after collective worship and around the school.

What is the responsibility of captain?

A captain must be accountable after a bad performance or practice. Captains are expected to perform in the clutch and lead the team to victory. It is also expected that captains will maintain control in the most pressurized situations and be the model of excellence for their teammates.

What makes a good primary school captain?

Some qualities that I have which I feel would help me to be a good School Captain are, I am very organised and committed to tasks. I am a fair and confident leader; I am a good decision maker and always make sure I view everyone’s opinions and ideas.

What qualities should a school captain have?

It is important, therefore, to possess the following basic characteristics:

  • Positive leadership skills.
  • A strong School ‘Spirit’
  • Good organisational skills.
  • A supportive, caring and fair attitude.
  • A respectful conduct towards House members and the whole-School community.
  • Be responsible, and a good role model.
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