Why does the poet wish for the snake?

1 Answer. The poet wishes that the snake be left unharmed. He wants it to go over the water into the reeds to hide.

How do you think we are all treated alike by nature?

How do you think we are all treated alike by nature? Answer: Nature has given the same physical features and mental abilities to all the people living on earth. It has provided all the natural resources like sun, air and water to the people.

Is equality a moral value?

Equality (in whatever respect) is never inherently valuable; inherently valuable conditions and activities can be described without reference to equality. A norm of equality (say, in treatment or concern) is never the ultimate ground of any other moral principle.

Who said equality is as important as freedom?

John Locke

What do you think this poem is trying to convey?

It is showing the condition of poor adivasis who are with the greed of good living conditions are persuaded to go to Assam where their condition become more worse, They are forced to work, torched on not doing the work and if they want to run away from there then they are captured by the men of Babu and again beaten …

How does the poet suggest that all people on Earth are the same?

“No men are foreign” by James Kirkup. In this poem the poet suggest that all people on earth are the same because he thinks all people are uniform , because all breathe the same air and drinks same water. No one can be grouped in anyway . The sun and land are all for everyone.

Who said man by nature are equal?


Why does the poet say that no lands are foreign?

Answer: The poem details why it is wrong to hate others based on differences such as race, culture, or geography. The speaker goes through points of how all people are similar and part of the brotherhood of man.

Is there a tradeoff between freedom and equality?

(1) There is a trade-off between freedom and equality. Both principles cannot be maximised at the same time. (2) Freedom and equality possess a mutually reinforcing association. Both principles can be maximised at the same time.

How do mothers treat other animals?

How has the mother treated other animals? Answer: The mother has trapped mice, shot wild birds, drowned kittens, and betrayed the closest relatives like other people.

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