Why does Atticus want to go to out on the front porch instead of staying inside and going to the living room?

Why does Atticus suggest they go to the porch instead of the living room? Boo isn’t quite comfortable on the light, as he is used to being inside with the shadows, so Atticus suggest the porch since the lighting isn’t as strong as the one in the living room.

Why do they take boo on the front porch?

Why do they take Boo on the front porch? They take Boo to the front porch because they think he will be more comfortable in the dark.

Why is Atticus sitting in front of the jail?

Atticus sits outside of the jail in order to protect Tom Robinson from the lynch mob. Jem and Scout follow him, but they stay far enough away that he can’t see them. When the children are ready to leave, they notice four old cars come into town. Atticus still seems unperturbed.

What does Boo ask Scout as she leads him to the front porch to leave?

What does Boo ask Scout as she leads him to the front porch? To walk him home.

How did scout know she was by a tree?

Scout knew she was under the tree because she knew the ground was colder under the tree. How did Scout know she was under the tree? Dr. Reynolds had to give Jem medicine to “knock him out” because Jem has kicked him as he was trying to examine Jem.

What is the first thing that scout says to Arthur Radley when she sees him in her house?

What is the first thing that Scout says to Arthur Radley when she sees him in her house? “Hey, Boo.”

How is boo like the gray ghost?

Boo lives a colorless, ghostlike existence in the Radley household, and when Scout meets him she describes Boo as having gray eyes that are almost colorless, hair that is “dead and thin,” and a white face and hands.

Why did Atticus and Alexandra not hear their yelling?

The reason that they did not hear the yelling is because they were both listening to the radio. Atticus was listening to his radio in the living room and Alexandra was listening in her room.

What does Scout do on the Radley porch?

After she walks him home, Scout stands on Boo’s porch and imagines many of the events of the story (Atticus shooting the mad dog, the children finding Boo’s presents in the oak tree) as they must have looked to Boo. She at last realizes the love and protection that he has silently offered her and Jem all along.

What do Atticus and Heck Tate argue about on the front porch?

Arthur”—down to the porch, and they sit in shadow listening to Atticus and Heck Tate argue. Heck insists on calling the death an accident, but Atticus, thinking that Jem killed Bob Ewell, doesn’t want his son protected from the law. Heck corrects him—Ewell fell on his knife; Jem didn’t kill him.

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