Why do Ariel and the other sylphs abandon Belinda?

The correct answer is “They recognize that she loves a human man”. Ariel and the others slyphs leave Belinda behind once they find out that she has feelings for a human male. Ariel is able to see Belinda’s desire to be with this man by penetrating deep into her mind.

What weapon does Belinda use to defeat the baron?

precious lock

What does Belinda wear around her neck?

The cross that Belinda wears around her neck serves a more ornamental than symbolic or religious function. Because of this, he says, it can be adored by “Jews” and “Infidels” as readily as by Christians.

Who is the representative of fickle minded friends?


Who is umbriel?

Umbriel, a spirit who takes over when Ariel leaves Belinda. He is a melancholy gnome who receives horrible noises, tears, sorrows, and griefs from the queen of bad tempers. He pours his magic substances over Belinda, magnifying her rage and sorrow.

Where did Belinda’s lock finally go?

Where did Belinda’s lock finally go? Belinda’s lock finally goes to the lunar sphere. Who is Betty and What duties she does? Betty is maid servant of Belinda and she helps her in her toilet.

What does Belinda’s hair become?

Toward the end of the poem, the lock of Belinda’s hair transformed into a heavenly body or into a constellation. “The Rape of the Lock” is a deride epic or a “heroicomical poem” as Pope depicts it in the epigraph.

What does umbriel bring from the care of spleen?

He addresses the “Goddess of Spleen,” and returns with a bag of “sighs, sobs, and passions” and a vial of sorrow, grief, and tears. He unleashes the first bag on Belinda, fueling her ire and despair. At this, Umbriel releases the contents of the remaining vial, throwing Belinda into a fit of sorrow and self-pity.

What does the cave of spleen Symbolises?

Rape of the Lock – Significance of Cave of Spleen. Spleen was the Augustan name what Elizabethan described as melancholy. It is less of a disease than a fashionable affectation. Pope exalts Spleen to the level of Goddess and cave of Spleen to the level of underworld and personifies her as the Queen of underworld.

How does Belinda react to the baron’s action?

Her society puts her on a high pedestal, always giving her praise when possible. The Baron steals a curl of Belinda’s hair when given the scissors by Belinda’s friend, Clarissa. When The Baron cuts the curl from her head, the typically calm, collective Belinda flies into a horrible rage.

How does Belinda set off for Hampton Court Palace?

Belinda, rivaling the sun in her radiance, sets out by boat on the river Thames for Hampton Court Palace. She is accompanied by a party of glitzy ladies (“Nymphs”) and gentlemen, but is far and away the most striking member of the group.

How does Belinda defeat the baron?

During the final confrontation, Belinda uses two weapons to battle the Baron, both of which are consumables, signifying her inability as a woman to escape her reliance on them. Initially, she throws snuff at him, causing him to sneeze (V. 80-85).

What is the Cave of spleen?

The Cave of Spleen is an Art Nouveau Pen and Ink Drawing created by Aubrey Beardsley in 1896. Nearly 200 years later, Aubrey Beardsley, already well known for his dark, satirical artwork, illustrated Canto IV of Pope’s epic, in a style known as grotesque, where human forms blur into plants, machines, or animals.

How vain are all these glories?

“How vain are all these glories, all our pains, / Unless good sense preserve what beauty gains; / That men may say when we the front box grace, / ‘Behold the first in virtue as in face! ‘”

Who wins the hand of ombre?

The Game of Ombre (as it appears in the poem) “Let Spades be Trumps! she said, and Trumps they were.” Belinda now becomes the Ombre; the other two players unite to oppose her. To win the hand Belinda must win five out of the nine tricks; her opponents will try to prevent her from doing so.

What is Diana’s law?

‘break Diana’s Law’ is a self-consciously pompous euphemism for ‘lose her virginity’. Is Pope mocking his society’s obsessive prizing of (female) virginity?

Who is Belinda?

(a) Belinda is a little girl who lived in a little white house and had a dog, a kitten, a mouse and a dragon for a pet. She also had a red wagon. But custard, the dragon, though fierce looking was extremely timid and cowardly and so the others ridiculed him and laughed at the dragon.

Why does the Baron cut Belinda hair?

The Baron – This is the pseudonym for the historical Robert, Lord Petre, the young gentleman in Pope’s social circle who offended Arabella Fermor and her family by cutting off a lock of her hair. It was Caryll who suggested that Pope encourage a reconciliation by writing a humorous poem.

Who was Belinda in real life?

Belinda. Belinda is based on the historical Arabella Fermor, a member of Pope’s circle of prominent Roman Catholics. Robert, Lord Petre (the Baron in the poem) had precipitated a rift between their two families by snipping off a lock of her hair.

What happens to the lock of hair at the end of the poem and how does Pope describe its fate?

Pope turns Belinda’s severed hair into a star that people can admire for all eternity while his poem immortalizes her beauty.

What is the name of Belinda’s dog?

Answer: Ans: Belinda lived in a little white house. Thepets possessed by Belinda are Ink, Blink, Mustard and Custard. Ans: The name of the little black kitten was Ink.

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