Who killed the most in breaking bad?

Breaking Bad: 10 Characters With The Highest Kill Count, Ranked

  • 8 Hector Salamanca (3)
  • 7 Jesse Pinkman (5)
  • 6 Mike (9)
  • 5 Jack Welker (12)
  • 4 Todd (13)
  • 3 Gustavo “Gus” Fring (13)
  • 2 Walter “Walt” White (14)
  • 1 The Cousins (16)

Why does Walt hate Gale?

Gale was bright,but too bright. He would eventually replace Walt so he got rid of him. The second time, Walt had Gale killed because it had actually come down to that. Gale would eventually replace Walt because Gus felt it was no longer viable to keep Walt around.

Why did Walt keep Gale’s book?

Walter knew it and you can see he was never as open or as friendly with Gale in his second stint as Walters lab assistant. He kept the book because Gale was the perfect student for Walter. They shared plenty in common, could work together and Gale showed respect for Walter.

What kind of person was Walt Whitman?

Entrepreneurial and progressive, Walt Whitman is ever-striving, heading for the top, and enjoying an enterprising, ambitious and determined personality to do things well, and an unyielding dedication to his plan until the goals are achieved.

Why did Walt keep the eye?

He keeps the eye, without realizing, that he is attempting to keep some value unto himself knowing that even the flawed are worthwhile. With the eye as his superego as well as his reminder of the fact that all will be lost to him one day,Walt “holds on” to what is real and what is perception.

How did Hank figure out it was Walt?

In the final scene, Hank figures out that Walt is Heisenberg while perusing Walt’s copy of ​“Leaves of Grass” on the toilet. A meticulous guy like Walt simply wouldn’t let a book like that float around unsecured. I could see him stashing it in the lab, but he wouldn’t keep it in his bathroom.

What theme did Walt Whitman write?

Walt Whitman: Poems Themes

  • The Democratic Self. Whitman celebrates the common man by creating a unified, overarching concept of the self that applies to individuals as well.
  • Individualism. The ideology of individualism is very prevalent in Whitman’s work.
  • Democratic Nature of Poetry.
  • The Body and Soul.
  • The Natural World.
  • War.
  • Eroticism.

What is Walt Whitman’s message in Song of Myself?

The poet wishes to maintain the identity of his individual self, and yet he desires to merge it with the universal self, which involves the identification of the poet’s self with mankind and the mystical union of the poet with God, the Absolute Self. Sexual union is a figurative anticipation of spiritual union.

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