When did Eurocentrism begin?

The term Eurocentrism dates back to the late 1970s but it did not become prevalent until the 1990s, when it was frequently applied in the context of decolonization and development and humanitarian aid that industrialised countries offered to developing countries.

What is the difference between Eurocentrism and ethnocentrism?

Ethnocentric use of these norms and values as a framework for interpretation of the world is argued to be a natural human behaviour. Eurocentrism, in contrast, goes beyond this. It assumes superiority at the expense of other cultures, having an alienating and marginalising effect.

Is America Eurocentric?

Modernity, Universal History and the Americas Most prominently, the concepts of modernity, progress and universal history have been identified as inherently Eurocentric.

What is African centered psychology?

“African-centered psychology is concerned with defining African psychological experiences from an African perspective, a perspective that reflects an African orientation to the meaning of life, the world and relationships with others and one’s self” (Parham, 2002).

What is an Afro Centred education system?

Afrocentric education is designed to empower peoples of the African diaspora. A central premise behind it is that many Africans have been subjugated by limiting their awareness of themselves and indoctrinating them with ideas that work against them.

Why African American studies is important?

The value of pursuing African American studies is gaining knowledge and an understanding of the past and present situation of African-descended people in the United States. This discipline prepares students to critically examine, explore, and analyze the unique experiences of African-descended people.

What is Eurocentrism in sociology?

Eurocentrism is generally defined as a cultural phenomenon that views the histories and cultures of non-Western societies from a European or Western perspective.

What is Afrocentric view?

Afrocentrism, also called Africentrism, cultural and political movement whose mainly African American adherents regard themselves and all other Blacks as syncretic Africans and believe that their worldview should positively reflect traditional African values.

What are Pan African studies?

Pan-African Studies (PAS) encompasses the systematic investigation of the History, Culture, Social Relationships, Political Economy, Literature, Arts, and Languages of peoples of African descent and their contribution to world civilization.

What is going beyond Eurocentrism?

Title of the Chapter: Going Beyond Eurocentrism This chapter introspects the problems in the discipline of Comparative Politics, questioning the Euro-Centric Hegemony of the discourse and explores the ways in which the discipline can break these confining limitations.

What is Eurocentric psychology?

Eurocentric/North American scientific and professional psychology is a function of events, forces and people that shaped it, and made it what is to today, including its implicit assumption as being a universal psychology.

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