What is your name narration?

Answer. Narration Change : She asked him what was his name. Direct Speech – The exact words said by a person.

What is your name he asked me change into indirect speech?

Answer: he had asked me on what was my name. he asked me that what was my name.

What is direct address in poetry?

Direct Address in Poetry A direct address may be a person, who is referenced in the poem. The person can be an actual person’s name or it can be a common noun in reference to a specific type of person.

How do you write a direct and indirect question?

To change a direct question to an indirect question for tenses that make questions using inversion, you just add ‘if’ and change the word order back to a normal positive sentence….Indirect Questions.

Verb Tense Direct Question Indirect Question
Present simple with ‘be’ Why is he unhappy? Can you tell me why he is unhappy?

How do you do as direct?

Do as direct in grammar means do as instructed. For example, change the affirmative sentence into negative, or add the given adjective in the statement, or add a question tag in a simple statement, etc.

What is direct and indirect questions?

When the direct question starts with a question word like how, what, when, where, which, who, whose, or why (called interrogative pronouns or interrogative adjectives), the indirect question will start with the question word, but the word order is like a statement not like a question. I’m asking what the time is.

How do you change direct to indirect speech?

General rules for changing direct speech into indirect speech. Omit all inverted commas or quotation marks. End the sentence with a full stop. If the verb inside the inverted commas/quotation marks is in the present tense, change it into the corresponding past tense.

What is your name indirect speech?

Indirect speech: He asked me what my name was. He asked me what is my name. He asked me what my name was.

How do you write a direct question?

“A direct question,” says Thomas S. Kane, “is always marked by one or some combination of three signals: a rising intonation of the voice, an auxiliary verb inverted to a position before the subject, or an interrogative pronoun or adverb (who, what, why, when, how, and so on)” (The New Oxford Guide to Writing, 1988).

When was the Brahmin approached?

Answer. When the brahmin approached, the first thief asked him why dis he carried a dog in his bag. The thief added that was he not ashamed.

What is direct questioning?

A direct question is a question that can be answered (i.e., it is not a statement) and always ends in a question mark. For example: Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person?

Do as direct examples?

Notice that in all the above cases the subject is “doing” the action, and the direct object (D.O.) is receiving or undergoing the action. A direct object can be one word or several words….Direct Object.

subject verb direct object
The teacher explained the rules.
Cats eat fish.
John loves Mary.
I like chocolate.

What is his name Mr Sivasanker said to sidda narration?

Answer. =》Mr. Shivasankar asked Sidda what his name was.

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