What is the highest grossing Filipino movie of all time?

Hello, Love, Goodbye is currently the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time, with its total box-office gross at P880. 6 million.

What are the similarities between Asia and Africa?

Despite their differences, both continents share a few similarities including: Both have a culture of ancestor worship and have respect for elders. They share a colonial heritage and duality of language i.e. local and colonial.

Why we consider Jose Rizal as a political symbol of our country?

Answer: Jose Rizal became the Philippine national hero because he fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way. Jose Rizal became the national hero owing to his struggle for liberty in which he used an unspoken but influential method. Most certainly it was in the center of the ancients’ view of Life.

How does a Filipino view death?

Death is a significant event in Filipino culture, and it’s not unusual for large numbers of people to show up and pay their respects. Because of their beliefs, many Filipinos don’t view death as the end of life. This is reflected in a hope-filled tone during services, alongside the mourning and weeping.

What is the difference between African and Philippine Literature?

Pre-Hispanic Philippine literature were actually epics passed on from generation to generation originally through oral tradition while African literature, literary works of the African continent.

What is Philippines pop culture?

The advent of American colonialism brought, the properly so-called, popular culture to the Philippines. The liberal policy regarding the printing press, soon through radio, television and film, increased the circulation of of popular culture forms. Not only through these forms but also in new media then, such as films.

Who is the best singer in the Philippines?


  • Jona Viray. Dubbed as the “Philippines’ Soul Princess” by Philippine media and critics, Jonalyn “Jona” Roxas Viray is a Filipino singer and occasional actress.
  • Julie Anne San Jose.
  • KZ Tandingan.
  • Marcelito Pomoy.
  • Yeng Constantino.

Is there similarity in African music and Philippine tribal music?

However, modern Filipino and African songs have almost no similarities between each other though, because OPM tried to sound as Western as possible during its transition to the modern day Pinoy pop or P-Pop. This is the why trap and K-Pop-style electro dominates the country’s upbeat pop music scene.

Who is the king of rap in the Philippines?

Francis Magalona

What makes Filipino music unique?

Such is the case of Philippine music which today is regarded as a unique blending of two great musical traditions – the East and the West. The majority of Philippine Music revolves around cultural influences from the West, due primarily to the Spanish and American rule for over three centuries.

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