What is cram app?

Bring all the flashcard features you know and love about Cram.com to your Android phone or tablet. When you log into your Cram.com account the app automatically downloads your account information including: your created flashcard sets, your favorite flashcard sets and the flashcard sets you study most frequently.

What is another word for Cram?

What is another word for cram?

fill pack
chock overcrowd
overfill overload
pile shoehorn
stick throng

What is the meaning of overcrowd?

transitive verb. : to cause to be too crowded. intransitive verb. : to crowd together too much.

What is the difference between things and stuff?

Stuff can be things and things can be stuff, but stuff is uncountable, whereas things are countable. If you have so many things that you can’t count them all, and you have to stuff them all into cupboards and boxes, you probably have too much stuff.

What is another word for stuff?

What is another word for stuff?

things objects
belongings effects
items possessions
goods trappings
junk materials

What is cram?

1 : to eat greedily or to satiety : stuff. 2 : to study a subject intensively especially for an imminent examination. cram. noun. Definition of cram (Entry 2 of 4)

What is cramming in Tagalog?

1. to force into, to force down, to stuff: magsiksik, siksikan, siksikin, isiksik. 2. to fill or be filled too full: mapuno nang (punuing) mabuti, siksikin.

How do you cram?

7 Essential Steps to Cram for a Test Without Losing Your Mind

  1. Gather All Your Materials before you cram for an exam.
  2. Turn off social media.
  3. Turn on a timer.
  4. Focus only on the Big Ideas and Key Details.
  5. Involve all your senses to cram for an exam.
  6. Make your own study guide.
  7. Set goals and rewards as you cram for an exam.
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