What is conceit in metaphysical poetry?

A metaphysical conceit is a complex, and often lofty literary device that makes a far-stretched comparison between a spiritual aspect of a person and a physical thing in the world. Quite simply, a metaphysical conceit is an extended metaphor, which can sometimes last through the entire poem….

Why does the girl say we are seven?

(d) Why does the girl say, “We are seven” ? Because she doesn’t understand the meaning of death and she cannot differentiate dead from alive, that’s why she counted seven instead of five….

What does the speaker of the poem want to pay his father and evening prayer?

The father is an expert in ploughing. The speaker talks about how he looked up to his dad, and wanted to grow up to plough too, but how he was never skilled enough to make it happen, which seems like kind of a bummer until we realize that the speaker turns out perfectly alright….

Which poetic technique does Shapiro use in this line his bone crushing hugs?

The lines “his bone-crushing hugs” are from the second paragraph of the poem where he, the poet, talks about his father’s actions. This is a form of imagery, where the act of the hugging is given a verbal detailed description, allowing the readers to be able to visually imagine the act….

What does the tattoo represent quizlet?

The major symbol in the poem is the tattoo, the numbers on the speaker’s father’s wrist. They are more than numbers: they represent the dehumanizing experience of the Holocaust and the father’s reluctance to talk about his painful past.

What is the meaning of Conway dwell?

The speaker says that if two are dead, then there are only five left. The little girl tells him that she still spends time with her deceased siblings what stuns the poet. “You say that two at Conway dwell, And two are gone to sea, Yet ye are seven!

What is is the effect of Enjambment in poetry?

By allowing a thought to overflow across lines, enjambment creates fluidity and brings a prose-like quality to poetry, Poets use literary devices like enjambment to: Add complexity. Enjambment builds a more complex narrative within a poem by fleshing out a thought instead of confining it to one line….

Which technique is used in these excerpted lines?


What is the theme of We Are Seven?

Major Themes in “We Are Seven”: Innocence, death, and acceptance of reality are the major themes of this poem. The poem presents the concept of death from the eyes of an innocent child. The speaker’s encounter with a cottage girl is significant.

What does Shapiro use to create the conceit in the lines above?

What does Shapiro use to create the conceit in the lines above? He uses physical protection to represent emotional protection.

Which structure is used in this excerpt from the poem little father?

B. free verse

What does the speaker in the poem want to do?

The speaker in the poem wants to forget her lover. It is the case of a classic struggle between the head and the heart.

What type of poem is we are seven?

“We are Seven” is a poem written by William Wordsworth and published in his Lyrical Ballads. It describes a discussion between an adult poetic speaker and a “little cottage girl” about the number of brothers and sisters who dwell with her.

How many brothers does the speaker of the poem have What does he pray for them?

The girl in the poem has seven siblings hearing this the speaker prayed to tell her where they are. Explanation: This exceptional poem is called We Are Seven. It is written by William Wordsworth….

What can you say about the title of We Are Seven?

In “We Are Seven,” the speaker of the poem and a little girl have an argument. He thinks that, since two of her siblings are dead, and four are alive, the kids in this family number five in all. She disagree, and says that her dead siblings count. The title reinforces the girl’s point of view, not the speaker’s.

What is a conceit a word that appeals to the five senses?

The answer is indeed “a lengthy or extended metaphor”. Explanation: In poetry, conceit is a metaphor that can take up a whole section of a poem, or even the entire poem. It is witty and intricate, comparing two very different things in an enthralling or unexpected way….

Who is the speaker of the poem an evening prayer?

Samuel Coleridge is the speaker of the poem evening prayer….

What does the speaker long to do for his father?

He wants to “give him back his life.” He wants to erase the tattoo on his father’s arm that constantly reminds him of the life that was taken from his when he was imprisoned in a concentration camp. He wants to protect him from the memories and the pains of his past….

What does the tattoo represent Gregg Shapiro?

What is the significance of the title of the poem “Tattoo” by Gregg Shapiro? It is a symbol for the speaker’s decision to let go of his family’s legacy and carve out his or her own identity. It refers to the system by which people were physically labeled in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

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