What is a single attribute of culture called?

Culture Trait: a single attribute of a culture. Culture Complex: When a trait combines with others in a distinctive way a culture complex is formed. This includes common values, beliefs, behaviors and artifacts that make a group in an area distinct from others.

What does popular culture include?

Popular culture is the set of practices, beliefs, and objects that embody the most broadly shared meanings of a social system. It includes media objects, entertainment and leisure, fashion and trends, and linguistic conventions, among other things.

What US cities are hearths of popular culture?

clothing. Which two cities in the United States often serve as hearths for popular culture? New York and Los Angeles. folk cultures are spread hierarchically.

Where is pop culture most likely to be found?

Popular culture is more likely to be found in More Developed Countries. The physical environment commonly plays an important role in the development of unique folk customs. The adoption of a popular custom often depends on a person’s amount of disposable income.

How does Rubenstein define culture?

Rubenstein defines culture as the body of customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits that. together constitute a group of people’s distinct tradition. Culture can be distinguished from habit and cus- tom. A habit is a repetitive act that an individual performs, and a custom is a repetitive act of a group.

What is pop culture ap human geography?

Popular Culture. Culture found in a large, heterogeneous society that shares certain habits despite differences in other personal characteristics.

Why is television particularly important for the spread of popular culture?

Why is television particularly important for the spread of popular culture? Television is the most popular leisure activity in the world. How is the diffusion of social media similar to the diffusion of TV and the Internet? Social media originated in the United States and diffused at a rapid rate.

What is the role of jeans in pop culture?

– Jeans is an important symbol of the diffusion of Western popular culture. – People adapt their food preferences to conditions in the environment. Many folk customs attribute a signature, or distinctive characteristic, to everything in nature.

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