What is 2nd and 3rd conditional?

The point is this – the Second Conditional denotes an action that could still happen in the future, while the Third Conditional describes an event that didn’t happen in the past, although it could have, and that will remain unchanged.

When and why do people argue?

when someone criticizes us, we choose to argue or we choose to fight, when we feel insulted, instead of getting motivated, most people choose to say things which hurts the other person more, Some people Criticizes, because they want to show their Power and some reply to that criticism because they want to seek Respect.

What is third conditional example?

We often use the third conditional to express regrets – describing things we are sorry happened or didn’t happen. For example, If my alarm had gone off, I wouldn’t have been late to work. If there hadn’t been so much traffic we wouldn’t have missed our flight.

How do we use conditionals in arguments?

In fact it is extremely useful to think of them this way because in proving propositions like (4) the standard strategy is to prove that the first condition is sufficient for the second and then that the second is sufficient for the first. Like arguments, conditionals may express inferences.

What are the three types of conditional clauses?

There are three types of conditional sentences….Conditional sentences.

type condition
I condition possible to fulfill
II condition in theory possible to fulfill
III condition not possible to fulfill (too late)

What is the truth value of a conditional statement?

A conditional is considered true when the antecedent and consequent are both true or if the antecedent is false. When the antecedent is false, the truth value of the consequent does not matter; the conditional will always be true.

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