What does Stfu mean?

“Shut the fuck up”, an expletive.

Why did the Southern Tenant Farmers Union form?

The Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union (STFU) (1934–1970) was founded as a civil farmer’s union to organize tenant farmers in the Southern United States. Originally set up in July 1934 during the Great Depression, the STFU was founded to help sharecroppers and tenant farmers get better arrangements from landowners.

Who created STFU?

With increasing incentives not to grow cotton, many planters evicted their tenants, leaving them homeless. Indeed, the event that set into motion the creation of the STFU was planter Hiram Norcross removing twenty-three families from his plantation in late spring 1934.

What could FDR have done to save the Southern Tenant Farmers Union?

Government officials did little to alleviate the needs of the tenant farmers, until Rexford Tugwell brought the problem to FDR’s attention in 1935. FDR created a new agency called the Resettlement Administration (RA) to aid the problem by improving cultivation techniques and resettling destitute farmers.

Where did the term shut up come from?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an early documented use, in 16th-century England, was a figurative one, meaning “to withhold one’s money or kindness from a person.” In 1840, the New Orleans Picayune printed the first known slang/imperative use of “shut up,” when a reporter referred to an officer’s demand …

Where was the Southern Tenant Farmers Union founded?


Is Idgaf an acronym?

IDGAF is an acronym for “I don’t give a fuck”.

What do LOL mean?

laughing out loud

What does IDC mean on Snapchat?

IDC — I Don’t Care.

When did Idgaf come out?


What does IDC stand for in information technology?

International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.

How was Idgaf filmed?

The music video for “IDGAF” premiered via YouTube on 12 January 2018. It was directed by Henry Scholfield and uses VFX. Lipa described filming it as her “toughest and most challenging video to film,” taking 22 hours to do so, using a single continuous tracking shot.

What political party was the first to address the issues of tenant farmers?

Populist Party

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