What do you say to be safe?

You can try saying things such as “You take care too”, “Stay safe yourself” and for those in love, something more elaborate like “I can’t wait to see you again, so you stay safe too” can be very romantic.

How do you respond to Stay Safe messages?

When I tell a person to “be/stay safe”, they respond with “Thanks. You too”.

Is Keepsafe a safe app?

Keepsafe Vault services provide a protected space on a users iPhone, Android, or tablet to keep important things safe like private photos, videos and files. According to Keepsafe Support, the application uses military-grade encryption.

Is safety an emotion?

One emotion we often feel without consciously knowing it is the feeling of safety. Feeling safe is not something we discuss often. For example, when a friend asks “How are you?” we rarely respond by telling them we feel safe. So, feeling safe means you do not anticipate either harm or hurt, emotionally or physically.

How do you respond to a safe flight?

In my experience, “Drive safe”, is normally meant as a pleasantry, and either “Thank you” or “Will do” will suffice. I commonly say to my partner “Drive safe” or “Safe journey” when we part ways. I say it to show I care about his well being, he responds with “Thank you” or “Will do” to show he’s acknowledge my concern.

What is keeping safe?

noun. the act of keeping safe or the state of being kept safe; protection; care; custody.

What does safekeeping mean when your in jail?

Safekeeping states that when a jail is ill-equipped to house someone who’s mentally and physically ill, or have behavioral issues, that person can be transferred to a prison. Upon arrival, policy dictates placing them in Solitary Confinement, for “Safekeeping”.

Is it OK to say keep safe?

Yes, it is correct. We use the adjective “safe” (as opposed to the adverb “safely”) to describe the state or condition of the subject (“you” as understood in your example sentence). It is equivalent to saying “Be safe” or “Be in a safe condition.” So “keep” acts as a linking verb and not as an action verb.

What kind of word is safe?

Safe is a secure object that is used to keep valuables in. Safe has several other senses as an adjective, noun, and adverb. Safe means that something or someone is secured. If you’re safe, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or being at risk.

What is noun form of safe?

3 safe /ˈseɪf/ noun. plural safes.

What is the reply for Bon Voyage?

It beens “good journey” in French. Or the more colloquial “Farewell”. I think “thank you” would suffice as a response. If you want to be fancy,Merci Beaucoup!

What does safe mean in UK slang?

UK slang. used to show that you agree or are happy with something: “You OK?” “Safe, man,” Shaun muttered. More examples.

Is Secret calculator safe?

Secret Calculator Whether it’s a photo, gif, video, or URL, this app has your back with the protection of a four-digit passcode and a decoy icon. The app also uses pattern locks and touch IDs for maximum security.

How do you use keep safe?


  1. Go to the iTunes Appstore and find the Keepsafe Secret Photo Vault App and download.
  2. Open the App and enter your existing verified email address.
  3. A 4-letter access code will be sent to that email inbox.
  4. Retrieve that code.
  5. Enter the 4-letter code into the Keepsafe app.
  6. You will now be in your Keepsafe gallery.
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