What are traditional relationships?

There are many types of traditional relationships and home lives, but the basic traditional relationship involves a male and female with the man typically being the more dominant partner while the woman is more submissive. For example the man could be the sole provider or primary breadwinner.

What is alternative relationship?

Long story short is that alternative relationships are any relationship outside the monogamy ‘norm. ‘ They take a wide variety of forms, including but not limited to consensual nonmonagomy, polyamory, swinging, and being in an open relationship.

What is the meaning of alternative uses?

alternative use of resorces means simply the diffrent ways in which a resource can be used. Example- the alternative uses of land are- 1.it can be used to grow crops. 2.it can be used to build school.

What do you call a backup plan?

fallback (countable and uncountable, plural fallbacks) An act of falling back. A backup plan or contingency strategy; an alternative which can be used if something goes wrong with the main plan; a recourse. As a fallback, I suppose we can use typewriters if the word processing system fails.

How do you say backed up?

Synonyms of ‘back something up’

  1. substantiate. There is little scientific evidence to substantiate the claims.
  2. support. The evidence does not support the argument.
  3. prove. new evidence that could prove their innocence.
  4. confirm. This confirms what I suspected all along.
  5. reinforce.
  6. validate.
  7. corroborate.
  8. authenticate.

What is alternative plan?

alternative plan means a plan of reorganization (other than the Plan) that does not include Investor and/or funds managed by Investor as the sole new money underwriter.

Whats the meaning of lifestyle?

Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of an individual, group, or culture. The broader sense of lifestyle as a “way or style of living” has been documented since 1961. Lifestyle is a combination of determining intangible or tangible factors.

What does becking mean?

noun The act of making a beck; the act of bowing or nodding.

What are some different lifestyles?

The Authentic Life

  • The Ten Lifestyle Types. The ten lifestyle types are a framework, a tool, for helping you to figure out:
  • The Provider. The Provider gets their satisfaction from making other people happy, especially their own partner and children.
  • The Adventurer.
  • The Corporate.
  • The Bohemian.
  • The Creative.
  • The Socialite.
  • The Activist.

What is another word for backed up?

What is another word for backed up?

shown confirmed
flagged up vouched for
backed vindicated
upholden argued
prove showed

What do you mean by backing?

something that forms the back or is placed at or attached to the back of anything to support, strengthen, or protect it.

What is the meaning of backed by?

a having a back or backing.

What is a fallback plan?

The fallback plan is a part of the project management plan and defines under which circumstances action has to be taken. A fallback plan is implemented when the contingency plan fails or is not fully effective. It is a backup for the contingency plan.

What does it mean to live an alternative lifestyle?

An alternative lifestyle is a lifestyle perceived to be outside the cultural norm. The phrase may be used by someone to describe their own lifestyle or someone else’s. It is often associated with living quite the opposite of the norm, or unconventional.

What is the alternative sentence?

The back door was too far away for her rubbery legs, and the only alternative was the sink. An alternative method of going public is to merge with a company that is already public. He was seeking an alternative therapy. An alternative plan is to pass the water through pipes placed in a steam chest.

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