Is Rin a boy or girl?

It is eventually revealed that Rin is a male crossdresser who is mistaken for a woman due to his dress, pink hair, soft voice and short stature. In order to fit into society’s expectations of what a man should be, and due to being self-conscious of how others may treat him, Rin masqueraded as a woman.

What is Rin short for?


Acronym Definition
RIN Record Identification Number
RIN Retirement Index Number (various companies)
RIN Royal Indian Navy (WWII)
RIN Règlement Intérieur National de la Profession d’Avocat (French: National Internal Regulations of the Legal Profession)

What is phonetic contact name?

For Android: The process of adding a phonetic name to a contact in Android is almost exactly the same as adding a nickname. Just open a card, tap the three-dot Menu button, tap Edit, scroll down and tap Add Field, then tap Phonetic name. Is Siri or Google Now having trouble recognizing names?

How do you spell Sarah phonetically?

Pronunciation of “Sarah”, “Sara” and other names with the letter “a” before “r”

  1. Sara: Sah-rah (“a” as in “bat”)
  2. Sarah: Se-rah (“a” as in “air”)

How do you write first and last name in Japanese?

There’s no ‘proper order’, but the usual convention on names is: Names spelled fully in Katakana are almost always FirstName-LastName. Names spelled in Kanji (Japanese or Chinese) are almost always LastName-FirstName.

Is Rin a Korean name?

Ye-rin is a Korean feminine given name. Its meaning depends on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name….

Hangul 예린
Revised Romanization Ye-rin
McCune–Reischauer Yerin

Is Rin a girl name?

Rin (written: 倫, 凛, 臨, 琳, 燐, 凜, りん in hiragana or リン in katakana) is a unisex Japanese given name, sometimes transliterated as Lin or Lynn. Notable people with the name include: Rin Aoki (青木 りん, born 1985), Japanese model and AV actress.

What is a phonetic description?

Phonetic transcription (also known as phonetic script or phonetic notation) is the visual representation of speech sounds (or phones) by means of symbols. The most common type of phonetic transcription uses a phonetic alphabet, such as the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Is Jung a female or male name?

Jung-won (unisex) Jung-woo (masculine)

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