How tall is Pee Wee Kirkland?

” In 1968, Kirkland, perhaps the most spectacular point guard ever to come out of New York City, was drafted by the Chicago Bulls out of Norfolk State in Virginia. At the time, Sports Illustrated called the 6-foot-1-inch Kirkland ”maybe the fastest man in college basketball.

What does you got the juice now mean?

Do you got the juice? One has juice if they have respect, influence, power, authority, or sexual desirability. It can also be slang for alcohol and electric power, among other things.

Who scored the most points at Rucker Park?

Per ESPN’s Adry Torres, his 74 points are recognized as the most scored in park history.

What is the best basketball court?

The Top 10 Outdoor Basketball Courts in the World

  • Rucker Park – Harlem, New York City, USA.
  • The West Fourth Street Courts – Greenwich Village, New York City, USA.
  • Venice Beach Courts – Venice Beach, California, USA.
  • Mosswood Park – Oakland, California, USA.
  • 16th & Susquehanna – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • MacGregor Park – Houston, Texas, USA.

How big is a basketball court?


What happens to Bishop in Juice?

In the original version, known and beloved by us all, Bishop accidentally falls over a roof as Que (Epps) unsuccessfully tries to pull him up: “Que, don’t let me go!” Bishop begs as he clings to his friend’s fingers in the last few seconds of the film.

What is the famous basketball court in New York?

Holcombe Rucker Park

Why is Rucker Park famous?

Holcombe Rucker Park is famously known for producing some of the greatest basketball talent that the world has ever seen. Holcombe started a basketball tournament in 1950 in order to help less fortunate kids stay off the streets and aim for college careers.

What college did Pee Wee Kirkland go to?

Norfolk State University

What does playing above the rim mean?

Guard play usually means wins, but playing above the rim means highlights. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high flyer or a guy that can throw it down with power—everyone loves the guys who can play way above the rim.

How many points did Shep score in above the rim?

“[Above the Rim is the] most true ball-playing cinematic movie,” he said. Leon is humbled and entertained by the internet’s reaction to Shep, in corduroy pants, dropping 40 second-half points in the movie’s championship climax.

How old is Joe Hammond?

Joe Hammond, the author who wrote movingly about his diagnosis with motor neurone disease (MND) and his own mortality, has died at the age of 50.

What is playing court in basketball?

In basketball, the basketball court is the playing surface, consisting of a rectangular floor, with baskets at each end. In professional or organized basketball, especially when played indoors, it is usually made out of a wood, often maple, and highly polished and completed with a 10 foot rim.

Was Pee Wee Kirkland in above the rim?

In the basketball film Above the Rim, Kirkland appeared as Georgetown recruiter Phil Redd.

Did Michael Jordan ever play at Rucker Park?

Playing in Rucker Park was not unheard of for NBA players, but for some reason Jordan never did it, choosing only to appear after his retirement.

How many basketball courts are in New York?

Players such as these have helped to pioneer a legendary culture of basketball in New York City. This culture centers around the Knicks and Madison Square Garden, while also being amplified by the more than 1,800 NYC Parks’ maintained basketball courts, which are found in nearly every corner of the city.

What does juice stand for?


Acronym Definition
JUICE Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise
JUICE Justice by Uniting in Creative Energy (est. 2001; Los Angeles, CA)
JUICE Join Us in Creating Expansion (est. 2012)
JUICE Join Us in Creating Excitement

How much is Pee Wee Kirkland worth?

It was rumored that Pee Wee’s net worth was in the area of $30 million, and that’s back then. After that time he spent in prison for conspiracy he ended up catching another case on tax evasion. Pee Wee knows that he made mistakes in life but denies ever selling drugs.

Who did Bishop kill in juice?


Are you being mean to me meaning?

“you are so mean” it means that you are rude, not behaving properly, ex. cursing. “that’s do mean” its incorrect, however it’s correct form would be “that’s too mean”, meaning you are very rude, simillar to the first one but it is used when someone crosses the line, for example cursing and hitting you.

What is the best outdoor basketball court material?

Concrete is the first and best choice for a home basketball court. While often the most costly base option, concrete is going to give you the best performance and long-term results. A typical concrete pad for a backyard basketball court will consist of a 4″ pad with steel reinforced rebar and saw cut expansion joints.

Who is the best street basketball player?

1. Raymond Lewis – Jerry Tarkanian once remarked “Raymond Lewis was the greatest basketball player I ever saw”. Considered the best high school guard in Southern California over the past 40 years.

What happened to nutso in above the rim?

No. Nutso plummeted to his death when he slapped the backboard on his rooftop hoop so hard that it gave way, and he experienced the most horrific death that one can imagine.

Who is above the rim based on?

Jeff based it on the story of a​n​ All-American high-school standout from Queens N.Y., who had lots of potential​, but the streets almost​ swallowed him whole in the early 1980s​. I told Benny and Jeff that the story was in my wheelhouse.

Who was number 41 in above the rim?

Speedy Williams

Was Pee Wee Kirkland bigger than Frank Lucas?

Pee Wee Kirkland: 1st Harlem Drug Millionaire, Bigger Than Frank Lucas.

What does juice mean sexually?

what does juice mean sexually? juice(Noun) The vaginal lubrication that a woman naturally produces when sexually aroused.

What happened to Q at the end of juice?

As viewers of the film know, a standoff between Bishop (played by the late Tupac Shakur) and Q (Omar Epps) ended with Bishop hanging off of a balcony, and losing grip from Q’s outstretched hand before falling to his death. They conceded, resulting in the version of the film that finally hit theaters.

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