How is public opinion measured quizlet?

Public opinion is measured by election results, personal contacts, media reporting, and especially by polls. People express their opinions by voting, writing letters or emails, making phone calls or holding public meetings. Interest groups also share the views of their members in hopes of influencing public policy.

How can public opinion affect presidential power quizlet?

How can public opinion affect presidential power? It limits the President’s ability to carry out policies above and abroad. Prime Minister- works his way up with votes of confidence, but can lose his power in an instant.

Why are public officials most likely to be influenced by public opinion high in intensity?

(T or F) The First Amendment prevents the government from placing limits on members of the mass media. (T or F) Public officials are most likely to pay attention to public opinion that is high in intensity because that means people are against a position.

Where do your beliefs originate quizlet?

Where do your beliefs originate? Guardians/Parents, School, Community. Which agents of socialization have the strongest impact on an individual?

What does political opinion mean?

“Political opinion” refers to a broad category of attitudes that people may have on matters that concern their state, their government, or their society. Such imputed political opinions could form a basis for political persecution.

How opinions are formed?

In this light, the formation of public opinion is understood to be a process that revolves around individuals. It begins with their exposure to politically relevant experiences and information. Each individual processes this information, thereby coming to a judgment that yields an attitude.

What two shortcuts to political knowledge are discussed in the text?

What two shortcuts to political knowledge are discussed in the text? The first shortcut is on-line processing. The second shortcut is the two-step flow of information. The textbook identifies four characteristics of ideal citizenship and concludes that only some Americans live up to them.

Should a poll be scientific rather than informal?

Informal polls can generalize information without any real backing, and cause problems. For example, a poll wishes to know the intention of voters for one party, or the other, for a candidate, or the other. This is why polls are better to be scientific, rather than informal.

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