How does supra key work?

Supra’s system includes iBox TM lockboxes that can be opened by Bluetooth R or infrared signals, the eKEY TM application that turns a smart phone into a lockbox key. A data record is created when a lockbox is opened, so real estate agents can obtain real-time showing information.

How do you change the shackle code on supra iBox?

  1. Turn on the keybox.
  2. Open the Supra eKEY app and select My Keyboxes.
  3. Select a keybox.
  4. Select Program Keybox.
  5. Select Shackle Code.
  6. Enter and verify new shackle code.
  7. Select Save.
  8. Select Program.

Are Supras legal in the US?

The illegal Supra The 1994 Toyota Supra model was banned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because of serious long-term reliability issues. The ’94 Supra is the only model year with this serious restriction so you can still shop for older models if you would like.

How do you unshackle a lockbox?

While firmly holding the lockbox, gently press the shackle into the lockbox as the lockbox makes the triple beep sounds. After five triple beeps, the lockbox will display the green READY light, the red DND light, then, the green READY light again.

How do I get a Supra lockbox?

Supra Lockboxes Can be Purchased at Any One of Our ARMLS Support Centers. ARMLS Support can be reached at or [email protected].

How do I reset my Supra pin?

1. Tap About. 2. Tap menu button or the three dots and tap Change PIN.

How much does it cost to get a supra key?


Total to Join Supra $65
Activation Fee $50
Monthly Fee $15
Total Per Month $15
Cost Per Lockbox $99

Where do I get my Supra key serial number?

The eKEY serial number can be found at the top of the eKEY home screen.

What is the PIN code for Supra eKEY?


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What is a CBS code on a Supra?

The Call-Before-Showing (CBS) code allows the listing agent to control lockbox access by requiring the inspectors/pest control/termite inspectors to call for authorization before opening the lockbox.

What is a synonym for aforementioned?

Wiktionary. aforementioned(noun) Synonyms: aforesaid, mentioned, abovementioned.

What is supra iBox?

The Supra iBox is an electronic keybox that is placed on listings and holds the listing’s keys. The iBox can be accessed using a Supra eKEY®, ActiveKEY®, or DisplayKEY®. The iBox uses infrared technology to communicate with Supra keys.

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How fast is a Supra?

155 mph

How much is a supra iBox?

KeyBox (Blue iBox) – Cost is $89.00 each + tax.

How do you open a supra iBox shackle?

Press up on the bottom of the keybox to turn on Bluetooth®. 6. After the shackle releases, push down on the shackle, then pull.

How do I open a supra iBox without a key?

Open the eKEY app on your smartphone, select Activate eKEY and enter the authorization code. Each time a Supra user grants you permission to open an iBox BT you will receive a text message and email notifying you of the address, listing ID, and hours you are eligible to access the iBox BT.

How do I activate supra eKEY?

​On your Android device, select either the Market, Google Play, or Play Store icon. Select Search and search for Supra eKEY….Authorize the eKEY software:

  1. Select the eKEY icon to open the application.
  2. Select Activate eKEY.
  3. ​Follow the onscreen prompts to enter your 30-digit authorization code.
  4. Select Authorize.
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