How do you let go of resistance?

Here are a five helpful ways to deal with resistance:

  1. Be honest with yourself. Be clear on how you participate in the reality you continue to experience.
  2. Stay out of self-judgment.
  3. Do what you can do something about.
  4. Focus on something else.
  5. Look for stories that help you change your expectations.

Is it possible to not want to be happy?

If you don’t want happiness, that’s okay! Sometimes people feel down and sometimes depressed and so i get that being happy right then and there isn’t wanted. Sometimes you need to be sad at one time to feel better and when you are sad, you might not want happiness but it will come soon.

How do you let go and be happy?

Important Tips on How to Let Go and Free Yourself

  1. Understand that the relationships you thought you’d have are going to be different than the ones you actually have.
  2. Don’t be invested in the outcome when it comes to dealing with people, because it often leads to disappointment.
  3. Don’t live in chains when you have the key.
  4. Accept the things you cannot change.

Does true love means letting go?

There’s no quick answer to this question. Even if you feel that this is true love, you can still let go of the person. You might love this person for the rest of your life, but you need to understand that just because you love them, it doesn’t mean that you need to be with them.

Why do I resist doing things?

We normally only resist things that are either: A. crucial to our self-development (it can be scary and uncomfortable to grow), or B. aren’t in alignment with our values and vision. So resistance is either a signal to push through and keep going, or to eliminate that task from your list completely.

Why do we not do things that are good for us?

Mark Twain was a keen observer of human nature. As we begin 2010, I’m reminded of Twain’s quote: “To promise not to do a thing is the surest way to make a body want to go and do that very thing.”

How do you not resist change?

  1. Find The Strength Within Your Resistance.
  2. Ask Yourself What It Is You’re Resisting.
  3. Realize You Don’t Fear Change, You Fear Loss.
  4. Adopt A Learning Mindset.
  5. Look For What You Can Learn Now To Welcome Change In The Future.
  6. Consider The Upsides Of Change.
  7. Consult A Mentor Or Coach.

What does it mean to resist change?

Definition & Examples of Resistance to Change Resistance to change is the act of opposing or struggling with modifications or transformations that alter the status quo. This resistance can manifest itself in one employee, or in the workplace as a whole.

How do you fix resistance to change?

How to Overcome Resistance and Effectively Implement Change

  1. Overcome opposition. Regardless of how well companies manage a change, there is always going to be resistance.
  2. Effectively engage employees. Listen, listen, listen.
  3. Implement change in several stages.
  4. Communicate change effectively.

Why do I resist happiness?

Joy makes us feel vulnerable Last, but by certainly no means least, so many of us resist joy because it makes us feel vulnerable. We avoid leaning into happiness and joy because we hold a belief that when we do, surely everything will start to fall apart.

What stops us from being happy?

1. You’re Comparing Yourself To Others. You’re never going to be happy if you’re viewing yourself in a negative way, especially if you’re comparing yourself to other people. “Constant comparisons to other [people] — and the seemingly happy lives they live — is one of the most noxious sources of unhappiness for people.

Why is it so hard to do what’s right?

The choice between what is right and what we want is particularly tough because it requires us to put down our stubbornness and hurt our own egos. It requires us to admit that we are wrong, that we are being selfish, and that we are in over our heads.

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