How do you answer HSC English short answers?

Top 4 tips for short answer questions

  1. #1 Take note of the keyword in the question. We’ve all heard it time and time again.
  2. #2 Don’t overwrite. Yes, there is such a thing called overwriting.
  3. #3 Look at how many marks the question is worth.
  4. #4 Structure.

What does hit the wall mean?

hit the wall in American English or hit a wall. Informal. to come to a point beyond which there is no further progress.

What is the meaning of rarest?

Filters. Superlative form of rare: most rare.

What does it mean to hit the roof?

(also hit the ceiling) to become extremely angry: Dad will hit the roof when he finds out I dented the car.

What is the idiom of hit the road?

infml to leave a place or begin a trip: I’d love to stay longer but it’s really time to hit the road.

What does barnstorming mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to tour through rural districts staging usually theatrical performances. 2 : to travel from place to place making brief stops (as in a political campaign or a promotional tour)

What does it mean to stand on someone’s shoulders?

Standing on one’s shoulders means To make discoveries, insights, or progress due to the discoveries or previous work of those who have come before.

What is the opposite word of rarely?

“Sports personalities have become more scrutinized in the media in recent years.”…What is the opposite of rarely?

frequently often
always regularly
commonly invariably
repeatedly constantly
habitually oftentimes

Is hit the roof an idiom?

(idiomatic) To be explosively angry; to lose one’s temper. When I found out he wrecked my brand-new car, I hit the roof.

What does rarely mean?

not often

What does keep a straight face mean?

: to not smile or laugh It was hard to keep a straight face with everyone else laughing.

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