How do I keep my house clean with a busy schedule?

How to Keep Your Home Clean with a Busy Schedule

  1. Prioritise.
  2. Divide Tasks into Daily Habits and Weekly Chores.
  3. Put Things Away as Soon as You Use Them.
  4. Clean More Frequently.
  5. Micro Clean When You Can.
  6. Take Off Your Shoes.
  7. Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy.
  8. Clean One Room at a Time, and Stay There.

How can I motivate myself to declutter my house?

How to Get Motivated to Declutter

  1. Plan for just 10 minutes. So often the idea of decluttering can create a sense of overwhelm.
  2. Have a clear goal.
  3. Take action and see the results.
  4. Avoid distraction.
  5. Make it fun.
  6. Plan celebrations & rewards.
  7. Get an accountability partner.
  8. Consider what you read, watch, & listen to.

How do I start cleaning a really messy house?

Get a Handle on The Mess in Your House, Fast!

  1. Pick up trash. The first step in how to clean a messy house fast is to pick up trash!
  2. Pick up dishes & cups.
  3. Pick up laundry.
  4. Pick up items & clutter.
  5. Move room by room.
  6. Quickly dust each room.
  7. Vacuum each room.
  8. Clean the bathroom.

How do I make a house chores schedule?


  1. Wipe all surfaces – Daily.
  2. Empty the bin – Weekly.
  3. Clean the bath and shower – Weekly.
  4. Clean the toilet – twice a week.
  5. Mop the floor – Weekly.
  6. Change the towels – Weekly.
  7. Descale the shower head – Monthly.
  8. Declutter the bathroom cabinet – Annually.

How do you clean your house when you feel overwhelmed?

How to Get Motivated to Clean When You’re Overwhelmed

  1. Put on some good, loud music.
  2. Take before pictures. Now when you are finished cleaning for the day, you can see the progress you’ve made.
  3. Understand that you are going to start small. This is not an action plan to get the entire house clean in one day.
  4. Set a timer.

How do you keep your house clean with no time?

How to keep your house clean when you have no time.

  1. Let go of perfection.
  2. Cut the clutter.
  3. Get things organized.
  4. Choose the ONE thing that needs to be done most right now.
  5. Set a timer.
  6. Do a 15 minute clean up before bed.
  7. Multitask wisely.
  8. Employ your children.

How can I declutter my whole house in 2 weeks?

  1. Have All Your Supplies.
  2. Set a Garage Sale Date.
  3. Recycle.
  4. Think Vertically.
  5. Clean Out Clothes.
  6. Clean Out Toys by Creating a System.
  7. Put Miscellaneous Items in the Garage in Labeled Tubs.
  8. Declutter The Kitchen.

How do I do a weekly cleaning schedule?

The 7 Steps to a Cleaning Schedule

  1. Determine the length of your schedule. Before you begin to list out your tasks, you need to determine the length of your schedule.
  2. List your tasks.
  3. Determine frequency of tasks.
  4. Assign specific tasks to specific days.
  5. Assign people to tasks.
  6. Put it in writing.
  7. Stick to it.

How can I clean my whole house in a week?

You never know when the evening will call for a dance party.

  1. Clear off stuff that doesn’t belong on the counter.
  2. Throw out any food gone bad in fridge.
  3. Wash and put away dishes.
  4. Wipe down countertops and sink.
  5. Wipe down countertop appliances.
  6. Wipe down oven and stovetop.
  7. Wipe down inside and outside of fridge.

How do you organize a cleaning schedule?

Tips for An Organized House Cleaning Schedule

  1. Set real and attainable goals for your daily home.
  2. Be disciplined about your goals.
  3. Turn your goals into daily rituals.
  4. Commit to a Cleaning Schedule.
  5. Declutter!
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