How did BTS change your life?

the more i watched their videos, listened to their songs.. the more i felt good about myself. i felt motivated and for once i had the will and motivation to change my life for good. They leaded me on how I can follow my dreams because of them now I can hope for the best.

Why is BTS hated so much?

Since ARMY is the fandom of BTS, a few people of other fandoms hate on BTS because of the fandom, which is definitely not the fault of BTS. Also there are some toxic fans of other fandoms who can’t accept the fact that they are the most known group worldwide and then they do what toxic fans do.

What do you love about South Korea?

I love South Korea. Boasting centuries-old temples, awe-inspiring nature, and ancient settlements that are rich in culture, you are hard-pushed to find travel destinations that are as rewarding as South Korea.

Why do we love BTS?

BTS is not just a band, but life savers for millions of people who have learned to love themselves through BTS’ music. There are many reasons to love BTS — their beautiful lyrics, their incredible dance moves, how they take every opportunity to mention ARMY. The way they break records and then set new ones….

Why did ISAC ban BTS?

BTS haven’t attended an ISAC in some time, most likely because of their busy schedules these days. Some ARMYs allege that they’ve been banned for violating a no filming policy but nobody has ever confirmed this rumour. Their first time coming to ISAC was in 2014, though Suga couldn’t attend due an injury….

How do you express your love in Korean?

Here is the list of romantic Korean phrases you’ll need!…Affectionate Korean Love Phrases.

English 한국어 (Korean) Romanization
I want to see you 만나고 싶어 mannago sipeo
I love you 사랑해 saranghae
I love you a lot 많이 사랑해 mani saranghae
I love you too 나도 사랑해 nado saranghae

Who is popular in BTS?

BTS’s Member Kim Taehyung , alongside being the Most Popular Member of BTS , is now The Most Handsome Man in The World 2020

  • Most Handsome Man in the World 2018 by The Best Poll.
  • Most Handsome K-pop Idol 2019 by The Best Poll.
  • Most Handsome Korean Actor 2018 by The Best Poll.

Are BTS living together?

BTS is known for living together for the past seven years, but members Jimin and J-Hope continue to be roommates even after all the other members have moved on to having their own rooms. Uniquely enough, Jimin and J-Hope are the only members to still stay roommates to this day….

What made BTS so successful?

BTS’s music is also a success because of the subject of their music. While many K-pop songs are about relationships and love, BTS covers subjects that other bands may not like bullying, elitism, and mental health. Their ability to be relatable, humble while still being entertaining is rare.

Why are Korean movies popular?

Korea’s strive for excellence might be another reason for the extent of Korea’s acclaim, but another trend in Korean cinema is the way Korean films are thoughtfully made, have consistently high quality, and rarely fail to entertain….

Is BTS famous in USA?

BTS first became popular in the U.S. and was popular in Korea due to its influence. This is billboard200 ranking of BTS by date. The debut is in 2013, but it is starting to make it to the top of the rankings in late 2016. This is melon ranking of BTS by date….

Is BTS banned from China?

BTS ARMY in China can heave a sigh of relief as China confirms there is no ban on BTS merchandise in the country….

What makes BTS so special?

Unlike the majority of North American boy bands, the group features members with different talents and strong suits, including singing, rapping, and dancing. Their versatility enables them to produce a wide variety of music, spanning from hip-hop to pop and R&B….

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