How can I communicate without service?

yes cell phone but no internet

  1. FireChat: FireChat is a free app that allows users to send text messages and images without internet connection.
  2. The Serval Project: Serval Mesh (for Android) and Serval Chat (for iOS) are apps similar to FireChat.
  3. GoTenna: GoTenna creates a two-way radio system between mobile phones.

Where did the Internet come from?

The first workable prototype of the Internet came in the late 1960s with the creation of ARPANET, or the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. Originally funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, ARPANET used packet switching to allow multiple computers to communicate on a single network.

What is World Wide Web and its evolution?

Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989, while working at CERN. The basic idea of the WWW was to merge the evolving technologies of computers, data networks and hypertext into a powerful and easy to use global information system.

Can I text without cell service?

You can send and receive text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages through the Messages by Google app . Tip: You can send texts over Wi-Fi even if you don’t have cell service. Just use Messages as you normally would. View a tutorial about the Messages app on Android.

What is the first website in the world?

The first web page went live on August 6, 1991. It was dedicated to information on the World Wide Web project and was made by Tim Berners-Lee. It ran on a NeXT computer at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN. The first web page address was

How has the World Wide Web changed the world?

Berners-Lee, by developing the World Wide Web as we know it today, revolutionized the way humans communicate and share information with each other. It is arguable that this development has been the most significant to mankind since the invention of the printing press in the 15th Century.

What problem did the World Wide Web solve?

So Berners-Lee, a researcher working at CERN, created the World Wide Web. It solved the communication problem for the siloed scientists—and changed human existence as we know it. Today, e-commerce generates $1.2 million every 30 seconds. 4.3 billion people, more than half the world’s population, use the web every day.

Who was the World Wide Web invented by?

Tim Berners-Lee

Is there a cell phone that just makes calls?

Light Phone is a mobile phone that only makes calls, plain and simple. The phone’s minimalist design matches its functionality, for sure. Light Phone is about the size of a credit card and is practically blank. The front display has no buttons or even what would look like a screen.

What would happen if the Internet stopped?

What would happen if there was an internet shutdown? For the everyday person, some cell phone services and text messaging would be unavailable, all mobile apps and social networking sites would be down, cloud storage would be inaccessible, any pending electronic payments would fail, and more.

Why was Internet created?

The Internet was first invented for military purposes, and then expanded to the purpose of communication among scientists. Unlike the telephone network, the Internet uses packet switching. Packet switching was invented by three different independent research groups around the world.

How has the Internet changed over time?

The Internet has changed business, education, government, healthcare, and even the ways in which we interact with our loved ones—it has become one of the key drivers of social evolution. The changes in social communication are of particular significance.

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