Does Robert De Niro have brother?

Elliot De Niro, 21 Like his older twin brothers, Elliot is not in the spotlight much (hence the photo of Robert and Grace opposed to him). However, Robert did reveal in the past that he is autistic.

Who is Christine in about a boy?

Sharon Small

What happens at the end of about a boy?

Hugh Grant realises his is a lonely life and becomes friends with the boy. He also tries to stop the boy being crucified with embarrassment at the song contest by getting up on stage with him and playing guitar to Killing Me Softly. The mother lives.

Did Robert De Niro produce about a boy?

The film was theatrically released on 26 April 2002 by Universal Pictures. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay….About a Boy (film)

About a Boy
Directed by Chris Weitz Paul Weitz
Produced by Jane Rosenthal Robert De Niro Brad Epstein Tim Bevan Eric Fellner

What happens in about a boy?

A cynical, immature young man is taught how to act like a grown-up by a little boy. Twelve year old Marcus Brewer lives with his chronically depressed single mother, Fiona Brewer. Trying to escape his life but wanting Will to date Fiona, Marcus infiltrates Will’s life, much to Will’s chagrin.

How long is about a boy?

1h 45m

Is Deniro Italian?

Robert De Niro has alweys been proud of his Italian roots, as a matter of fact his great-grandparents were from Molise. His ability in speaking the Sicilian dialect in The Godfather II led him to win a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Is Ray Liotta Italian?

Newark, New Jersey, U.S. Raymond Allen Liotta (Italian: [liˈɔtta]; born December 18, 1954) is an American actor and producer.

Who is De Niro’s wife?

Grace Hightowerm. 1997

What defines a boy?

1a : a male child from birth to adulthood. b : son. c : an immature male separate the men from the boys boy genius.

How old is Deniro Raging Bull?


How old was Nicholas Hoult in About a Boy?

Hoult made his feature-film debut in Intimate Relations (1996), but it was his second film, About a Boy (2002), made when he was 12 years old, that brought him international attention.

Does Robert De Niro have son?

Raphael De Niro

What nationality is Harvey Keitel?

What is the theme of About a Boy?

At its heart, About a Boy is a novel honing in on themes of isolation and growing up. Will is a self-imposed loner, living inside a bubble and willingly detaching himself from the reality of the outside world.

What song do they sing in about a boy?

About a Boy

What is Ray Liotta’s nationality?


Where is about a boy set?


What is Ray Liotta’s net worth?

Ray Liotta Net Worth and Salary: Ray Liotta is an American actor, producer, and director who has a net worth of $14 million. Liotta became an iconic figure after playing the lead character in Martin Scorsese’s classic mafia movie GoodFellas.

How old is Deniro?

77 years (August 17, 1943)

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