Does BYU offer online degrees?

Brigham Young University-Provo offers dual credit, distance learning, joint degree and study abroad programs….General Information.

Phone Number: (801) 422-4636
Size: Very Large ( 30,000+ undergrad, 3,400+ grad )
Award Levels: Batchelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Online Degrees Offered: NO
Student-to-Faculty Ration: 21 to 1

What can you study at BYU?

  • A. Accounting (BS) *
  • B. Biochemistry (BS)
  • C. Chemical Engineering (BS)
  • D. Dance (BFA) *
  • E. Early Childhood Education (BS)
  • F. Family & Consumer Sciences Education (BS)
  • G. General Studies: American Studies (BGS)
  • H. History (BA)

Are BYU pathway credits transferable?

BYU-Pathway Worldwide and its partners have a generous transfer credit policy. Because the degrees we offer are granted by BYU-Idaho and Ensign College, requests to transfer credits are facilitated through those schools.

Does BYU look at senior year grades?

If, however, your transcript does include your first semester senior year grades, they will be taken into account. Second semester grades do not affect admission as your admissions decision has been made before they are even determined. 2.

How much is BYU Idaho online tuition?

Flex Semester Online: Reflects tuition costs for a campus student taking all online classes during their Flex Semester. Online (Standard): Student was admitted as an online student without ever completing PathwayConnect*….$2,150.

12+ Credits Per Credits
Online (Standard) $1,536 $128

Which college is BYU?

Brigham Young University (BYU) is a private research university sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and located in Provo, Utah….Brigham Young University.

Former names Brigham Young Academy (1875–1903)

How long does it take to hear back from BYU?

4 to 6 weeks

How much does BYU pathway cost?

How much is tuition for the Pathway Program? The current cost of the program to students is $65 per credit in the United States; students can earn a bachelor’s degree in 120 hours for $7,800.

How difficult is BYU?

BYU is a hard school. The majors are competitive, the pre-requisite classes are hard and are usually very large. Two of the hardest classes I have taken was first: Math 113 which is second semester calculus. One take that class if you have a really good foundation of calculus.

How much is a semester at BYUI?

Member Cost of Attendance

Single Married
LDS Tuition (Semester) $2,150 $2,150
Books and Supplies $200 $200
Transportation $630 $630
Personal Expenses (including health insurance, clothing, cell phone, loan fees, etc.) $1,192 $1,192

How much is it per credit at BYUI?


Tuition Type Cost
Member $175 per credit hour
Non-Member $350 per credit hour

How hard is it to transfer to BYU?

In 2019, BYU received 1672 transfer applicants. The school accepted 958 students. Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for BYU is 57.3%. This indicates how hard it is to transfer into BYU.

What is a pathway completer?

A Completer is a student that completes all series of courses within the Career Pathway. This student would still qualify since the minimum GPA requirement within this course has been met. Students must follow the course sequence in a pathway.

What major is BYU known for?

Academic Life at BYU The most popular majors at Brigham Young University–Provo include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Health Professions and Related Programs; Social Sciences; and Engineering.

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