Do they speak English in passive voice?

Answer. Answer: Is english is spoken by them.

Why did the teacher punish the students change the voice?

Answer. if the sentence in active voice is ‘Why did the teacher punish him?’ Then on converting it into passive voice it will become ‘why was he punished by the teacher’. Passive voice sentences shows the interest in the person or action that experience an action instead of the person or object who perform action.

Are your parents obeyed by you change the voice?

The Passive Voice of the sentence Obey your parents is “Let your parents be obeyed (by you)”. EXPLANATION: So, the word ‘let’ should be added while changing it into Passive Voice. The verb ‘obey’ can be changed to ‘be obeyed’.

Do you like this change into passive voice?

Answer. Answer: Do you like this place? Is this place liked by you?

Which fruit do you not like to eat passive voice?

We can exclude the words “to be eaten” since the fruit is meant to be eaten. So, fruit becomes the subject. You become the object. Since the word “do” is in the present tense the word ‘ is ‘ should be added.

Can you change to passive voice?

To change the sentence “do it” to passive voice, the direct object “it” would need to become the subject of the sentence.

What is the passive voice of he doesn’t open the book?

Answer. The book is not opened by him.

Who helped him change into passive?

Answer. The passive voice of “Help Him” is “He should be helped”.

Why did your brother write such a letter change the voice?

In other words, the subject is the doer of the verb’s action. Whereas in a passive voice, the subject is not active but by the verb is acted upon. Therefore, the above sentence in passive voice would be written as: Why was such a letter written by your brother?

What is the passive voice of inform the police?

The passive voice of the sentence ‘Inform the police of this crime’ is ‘Let the police be informed of this crime. ‘ We can also write it as ‘Let the police be informed’ leaving out the words ‘the crime’, as it is understandable. Generally, in the active voice, the subject will be at the ‘beginning of the sentence’.

Why have you cheated him change into passive voice?

Answer. Explanation: why he had cheated by you.

Did the teacher punish you change into passive voice?

Answer. Answer: Was you punished by the teacher.

When did you feel the tremors change into passive voice?

The correct answer is “When were the tremors felt by you?” EXPLANATION: The active voice tells you how the subject does the action. But the passive voice tells how the action is done by the subject on the object.

Do they speak Tamil change into passive voice?

The given sentence in the passive form is: Tamil is spoken by more than 70 million people. * In case of passive voice, the subject interchanges its position with the object. * In the given sentence, the subject is ‘More than 70 million people’, the verb is ‘speak’ and the object is ‘Tamil’.

When did you buy it change in passive voice?

Answer. The sentence after changing the voice is following – When was it bought by you? In the given sentence ‘you’ acts as the subject and ‘it’ is the object. After changing the voice it becomes the subject.

Who taught English change into passive voice?

It would start with ‘By whom’, because who changes to ‘whom’ in the passive voice. Then, the verb ‘was taught’, which will be broken up by the word ‘English’, and in the end, the subject, ‘to you’. Hence, option ‘c’ is the correct option.

Why we need to respect our teachers?

Teachers play an important role in the lives of students. Apart from your parents they also shape your lives by imparting knowledge to you and help inculcate good morals in you. Teachers can really impact on the lives of many children, especially when they leave a good impression on them. …

Do Gardener water plants change into passive voice?

“The plants are watered by the gardener”. To change an active voice into passive voice, the object needs to be made the subject and the subject into the object. The verb is supported by preposition ‘by’ and the verb is changed into the past participle form.

Does postman deliver letters to passive voice?

The letter was being delivered by the postman. When this is changed to passive voice, the action is expressed by the predicate (position interchanged with the subject). The sentence is in a past continuous so we have to add was being and past participle of the verb.

Who cheated passive voice?

Answer. Explanation: You have been cheated by whom. By whom you have cheated.

Why was such a letter written by her passive voice?

Why did such a letter written by her? Explanation: In the given sentence, the subject is ‘she’ and the action is of writing the letter. In the passive voice, the action of writing the letter has been received by the subject ‘her’.

Who told you change the voice?

Explanation. The verb in the sentence was Simple Past in the active voice form (told). When we convert the active voice of Simple Past into passive we use passive form equivalent to the active form. The passive form in Simple past is was/were+V3.

Do all the students bring their books change into passive voice?

Answer: Are the books brought by all the students? Explanation: As the given sentence should be changed to passive, books – which is object, becomes subject.

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