Do mathematicians use Mathematica?

It is beneficial , instructive and helpful for amateur mathematicians as well as for scientific researchers. In my opinion, Mathematica is one of the foremost , most poweful and most useful computer algebra systems .

What is the difference between and == in Mathematica?

FYI, they are different functions internally. == is Equal , whereas === is SameQ . Equal refers to semantic equality whereas SameQ is syntactic equality. For instance, Sin[x]^2+Cos[x]^2 and 1 are the same number, so they are equal semantically.

What happens if Dsolve does not return any numerical solution?

9. What happens if dsolve does not return any numerical solution? Explanation: We have to solve the differentiation numerically. To do it in MATLAB, we need to use ode45 after converting the differential equation to a system of first order differential equation.

Can I use Mathematica online?

Mathematica Online brings the world’s ultimate computation system to the modern cloud environment. Use the power of Mathematica interactive notebooks to work directly in your web browser—with no installation or configuration required—and seamlessly share documents and resources in the cloud.

What is ode23 Matlab?

ode23 is an implementation of an explicit Runge-Kutta (2,3) pair of Bogacki and Shampine. It may be more efficient than ode45 at crude tolerances and in the presence of moderate stiffness. ode23 is a single-step solver [1], [2].

How can I get Mathematica for free?

Mathematica and WolframAlphaPro How to Get Them Free on Your Computer

  1. Create an account (New users only): Go to and click “Create Account” Fill out form using a email, and click “Create Wolfram ID”
  2. Request Acces to Mathematica Online: Got to this link to request access.

Is Mathematica fast?

Most Mathematica built-in functions which process lists create a copy of an original list and operate on that copy. This is very fast, and not just for packed numerical arrays ( Part modifies the original list). 5.3.

Can Mathematica show steps?

Mathematica by itself does not give step by step solutions to inputs , however one can add some Mathematica symbols and assumptions , options or conditions to get additional steps or modifications related to the solutions .

What is a Mathematica notebook?

Doing Computations in Notebooks Mathematica notebooks are structured interactive documents that are organized into a sequence of cells. Each cell may contain text, graphics, sounds or Mathematica expressions in any combination.

What does N mean in Mathematica?

all nonzero numbers

Is Mathematica open source?

Mathics is a free, open-source general-purpose computer algebra system featuring Mathematica-compatible syntax and functions.

Is Mathematica a coding language?

Mathematica is often the first major software product running on new computer architectures. Mathematica is taught as a first programming language in many university courses.

What is the advantage of Matlab over other computing software with Matrix dimensions?

6. What is the advantage of MATLAB over other computing software with matrix dimensions? Explanation: In many softwares, while declaring a matrix- the user has to assign a size of the matrix before entering any values to it.

How do I stop Mathematica from running?

To stop this computation, first select its cell bracket: Then select Abort Evaluation from the Evaluation menu: The Wolfram System then outputs $Aborted: If Abort Evaluation does not succeed in stopping the computation, you can do so by quitting the active kernel.

How do you solve a system of equations with an ode in Matlab?

Define these matrices and the matrix equation.

  1. syms x(t) y(t) A = [1 2; -1 1]; B = [1; t]; Y = [x; y]; odes = diff(Y) == A*Y + B.
  2. odes(t) = diff(x(t), t) == x(t) + 2*y(t) + 1 diff(y(t), t) == t – x(t) + y(t)
  3. [xSol(t), ySol(t)] = dsolve(odes); xSol(t) = simplify(xSol(t)) ySol(t) = simplify(ySol(t))

Who uses Wolfram Mathematica?

Wolfram is widely used in academia, especially in physics and financial analytics. Although I guess the share is dropping also there as Python gets more and more popular. My first experience with Mathematica was during an undergraduate Maths class where I was immediately impressed by the interactive 3D plots.

How solve diff eq in Matlab?

First, represent y by using syms to create the symbolic function y(t) .

  1. syms y(t)
  2. ode = diff(y,t) == t*y.
  3. ode(t) = diff(y(t), t) == t*y(t)
  4. ySol(t) = dsolve(ode)
  5. ySol(t) = C1*exp(t^2/2)

What does := do in Mathematica?

immediate assignment: Use = if you want Mathematica to evaluate the right-hand side of the assignment when you type it in. delayed assignment: Use := if you do not want Mathematica to evaluate the right-hand side until you use it.

Which is better Mathematica or Maple?

Mathematica and Maple have a fundamentally different approach and history, which is underscored by Mathematica’s unique design principles. In its core algorithms and in most technical application areas, Mathematica offers a deeper, more complete and better integrated collection of features.

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