Can you be an au pair at 16?

The Au Pair program in almost every country has specific age requirements for participants in almost each country. In most of the countries this age limit is between 17 and 30 years. If you have not attained full age by the time you want to go abroad, your parents have to sign the Au Pair contract for you.

Can you pick your host family?

All host families are carefully chosen and vetted to ensure that your homestay will be safe and comfortable. However, there are a few more things that you have to consider when choosing your family. You will want to know about everyone living in the house and their interests.

What is the minimum wage for an au pair?

As a guideline, an inexperienced au pair working 20 hours or more per week can expect to earn around R50 – R60 per hour, whereas one working for 10 hours less can expect to earn roughly R60 – R75 per hour.

How long does it take to find a host family?

The search process typically takes between 1-3 months. Factors that can influence the length of the search include how much experience one already has using the search tools, in which country and in which city one lives as a host family, where one wants to go as an au pair, and how actively one pursues the search.

Where do most au pairs come from?

According to statistics from the online matching agency, the UK and the USA are at the top of the list of desired nationalities. However, many are looking for an Au-Pair from Spain, France or Italy. Additionally, Au-Pairs from Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Finland are also among the top 10.

What country pays au pairs the most?

Best countries to Au Pair based on pay, hours, and benefits

  • United States. Pay: $850 a month. Hours: 45 hours per week.
  • Denmark. Pay: $650 a month. Hours: 18-30 hours per week.
  • Sweden. Pay: $450 a month. Hours: 25 hours per week.
  • South Africa. Pay: $375-$525 a month. Hours: 40 hours per week.
  • China. Pay: $100-$300 a month.

What is the best au pair agency?

The 9 Best Au Pair Agencies of 2021

  • Best Budget: Expert AuPair.
  • Best Customer Service: Au Pair International.
  • Best for Support: Agent Au Pair.
  • Best Searchable Database: Go Au Pair.
  • Best for Special Needs Families: PROaupair.
  • Best International: EurAuPair.
  • Best Matching Process: Au Pair 4 Me.
  • Best Resources: Cultural Care Au Pair.

Do au pairs make good money?

Au pairs must receive a weekly stipend from the host family that is at least $195.75 per week. The weekly au pair stipend is a minimum payment requirement and host families and au pairs are free to agree to compensation higher than this legally applicable minimum.

How would you introduce yourself to a potential host family?

Letter to the host family – 7 important tips for a successful letter

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Describe your childcare experience.
  3. Show interest and name your expectations.
  4. Give the host family reasons why it should decide for you.
  5. Always write the letter to the guest family by yourself.
  6. Talk to the host family personally.

What do you write in an au pair family?

The following is a list of items you should include in your letter:

  • Who you are.
  • About your family (brothers and sisters)
  • Hobbies/interests/likes/dislikes.
  • Why you want to be an Au Pair.
  • Child care experiences and personal stories.
  • How you can help your Host Family.
  • Things you’re looking forward to.
  • Future plans.

Can I be an au pair if I have a child?

Family Status In order to take part in the Au Pair program, you can’t have children of your own. This is also a very important criteria to be entitled to the Au Pair visa. In many countries, you need to be unmarried as well.

What questions should I ask my au pair family?

Your Host Family

  • What do you (the parents) do for a living?
  • Where do you work and what are your work hours?
  • What kinds of activities does your family do together?
  • Would you say you are an active family?
  • How do you spend your weekends or free time?
  • Do you like sports, film, computers?

Does au pair look good on resume?

They’re a standout skillset that helps you grab the attention of hiring managers, and they’re a crucial part of a strong resume, CV and cover letter. Being an au pair can set you up for a range of different jobs and opportunities after your return home—maybe they’re childcare-related, maybe they’re not!

What if au pair gets pregnant?

2 Do NOT get Pregnant while you on the Au Pair program-If an au pair becomes pregnant while on the program, she will immediately be sent home.

How long can you au pair for?

two years

What do you write to a host family?

How to Write Your Host Family Letter

  • Start with the basics.
  • Be honest and genuine – they want to get to know the real you!
  • Make sure your letter isn’t too short.
  • End your letter by thanking your family for hosting you and letting them know how excited you are to meet them.

What makes a great au pair?

Smiley, happy, bubbly Au Pairs usually are well appreciated. Mature and confident enough to resolve issues by themselves with the family. Someone who can laugh and not be phased by the British way of life! Being adaptable to changing requirements, but also to family life, including the food they eat.

Do au pair families pay for flights?

Arrival Travel After you have matched with a host family and have obtained a J-1 visa, Au Pair USA will arrange and pay for a one-way flight from one of Au Pair USA’s designated airports in your home country. You are responsible for the cost of any transportation to the departure airport.

Can a male be an au pair?

Au Pair is not a gender restricted job, so it is possible for boys to find a place in a Host Family. There are many families that prefer having a female Au Pair, but there are also families that are willing to give guys a chance.

How much does an au pair cost per month?


Au Pair Educare
Match Fee $450 $450
Annual Program Fee $9,085 $8,220
Minimum Weekly Stipend* Paid weekly $195.75* $146.81*

What should I ask my host family?

Your daily routine with your host family:

  • What do they expect from you?
  • What will your daily life be like in this family?
  • What will your duties be?
  • What are the family’s habits and hobbies?
  • What do they do on their weekends?
  • Are you expected to prepare meals for the children?

What do au pairs do in their free time?

They prepare their meals, do their laundry, get them to school and other activities, help them with homework, teach them about their language and culture, and have lots of fun with them. Au pairs also have fun during their free time.

Can an au pair work another job?

Can my au pair work another job? What if they are not working the full 45 hours/week for our family? No, the J-1 visa does not allow au pairs to engage in employment outside of the au pair position, regardless of the number of hours she/he works caring for the children.

Why should a family choose you as an au pair?

You should choose me as an au pair because you can absolutely rely on me. I am faithful and helpful. And I am a person who loves his work with children and who performs this work with great dedication, commitment and ambition. In my opinion rules are very important in dealing with children.

What should I look for in au pair?

7 Things to Look for in a Nanny or Au Pair

  • Reliability. Everyone wants a childcare provider they can count on, and when it comes to the interview process there are plenty of cues you can look for.
  • Loves children, especially yours!
  • Positivity.
  • Type of Experience.
  • Creative Juices.
  • Strong Manners.
  • Butterflies.
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