What questions do they ask at med school interviews?

Must Know Medical School Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to be a doctor?
  • Why would you be a good doctor?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • What are three things you want to change about yourself?
  • How do you handle stress?
  • What are your two greatest strengths?
  • What are your two greatest weaknesses?

Is a 3.4 GPA good for medical school?

For example, a student who has a 3.4 GPA (which would be considered a low GPA by premed standards) but a 519 MCAT has a decent chance of getting into an allopathic medical school. That is mainly because a 3.4 is not a terrible GPA and 519 is in the 99th percentile and only 0.4% of test takers achieve that score.

What should I ask a student panel?

Now: What to Ask

  • Why did you choose____________?
  • What would you change about the college?
  • How is your school distinctive?
  • Are there major campus issues?
  • Have you been challenged in your coursework?
  • How large were your classes freshman year?
  • What do students do on the weekend?

What is a premed advisor?

Pre-health advisors help students determine the most advantageous academic and extracurricular opportunities to prepare for their chosen health profession. They also advise students as they consider general education courses, majors, minors and the optimal use of electives.

Do minors look good in medical school?

A minor can be a nice addition to a medical school application, but it is unlikely to make or break an acceptance. If you have already selected a time-intensive major, such as one that requires many classes with labs, adding a minor might detract from your academic performance in your major.

What questions should I ask my pre med advisor?

Top 4 questions to ask your premed adviser

  • When should I apply to med school?
  • How do I set myself up as a strong med school applicant?
  • How should I get a recommendation letter for med school?
  • How well-rounded is my portfolio?

Do double majors look good for medical school?

It really depends. Remember that the two most important factors for getting into medical school are GPA and MCAT score. Having a double major will not increase either of these factors. However, having a double major will not help leverage a lower GPA and/or a lower MCAT score.

What should I ask for medical school admissions?

Selecting a Medical School: 35 Questions I Wish I Had Asked

  • Curriculum. Are there any special programs for which this medical school is noted?
  • Evaluations. How are students evaluated academically?
  • Counseling/Student Support. What kind of academic, personal, financial, and career counseling is available to students?
  • Facilities.
  • Financial Aid.
  • Student Involvement.
  • Policies.
  • Residency.

What to ask doctors when shadowing?

Ask questions about what it’s like to be a physician—lifestyle, happiness, pros and cons. Be open and willing to do some work while you’re there! If you’re asked to file something or look something up to help in the daily grind in the clinic or hospital, be willing to do it, and do it well!

Can you get into med school with a biology minor?

Conversely, a Biology major does not in itself qualify you for medical school. In every case, however, they had taken the required courses for medical school and had demonstrated the ability to do well in challenging science courses, usually through a minor in Biology and/or Chemistry.

How do I impress a medical school interview?

How To Stand Out In Your Medical School Interview

  1. Show Up On Time & Dress to Impress. When you arrive on time looking professional, you score big points with the interviewers right off the bat.
  2. Stay Focused & Interested.
  3. Be Honest.
  4. Practice Your Interview Skills.
  5. Do Your Research & Be Prepared.

Is pre med a major or minor?

At most colleges and universities, students do not have the option of pre-medical academic major or minor. A student on a pre-med track may choose any undergraduate major in any field, so long as certain required courses are completed.

Whats a good minor for pre-med?


  • Biology.
  • Chemistry.
  • Ethics.
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Minor (Nutrition)
  • Health.
  • Neuroscience.
  • Sociology.
  • Spanish or other Foreign Language.

What is the best pre-med course?

Recommended Pre-Med Classes To Take

  • Biochemistry.
  • Biology.
  • Calculus.
  • Ethics.
  • Psychology.
  • Sociology.
  • Statistics.
  • Genetics.
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