What are the educational requirements for an athletic trainer?

To become an athletic trainer, you need at least a bachelor’s degree, though the National Athletic Trainers’ Association reports that 70 percent of athletic trainers have a master’s degree. Many employers prefer to hire athletic trainers with master’s degrees.

What are the benefits local associations provide to athletic trainers?

Athletic trainers usually receive standard benefits such as paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, and retirement benefits. Many employers also pay for continuing education credits.

How do you list credentials in athletic training?

List degrees first, licenses next and credentials last: Jane Snow, PhD, LAT, ATC. Many athletic trainers who are both licensed and certified have used ATC/L or LATC. The former, however, implies that certification is more important than licensure, which is not the case.

How many years does it take to become an athletic trainer?

Table of contents

Degree Master’s degree
Degree field Athletic Training
License or certification Certification and licensure requirements vary state by state, with most states requiring Athletic Trainers to become licensed by the state or become certified by the Board of Certification (BOC)
Duration to become one 4 to 6 years

Where is the 2020 NATA convention?


How many female athletic trainers are in the NFL?


Is athletic training a good job?

Athletic training is an exciting career that can put you at the forefront of healthcare and physical activity. This draws many to the field, but research shows commitment, strong communication skills, dependability and compassion are the qualities that make up the most successful athletic trainers.

What does SOAP stand for in athletic training?

Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan

What do NFL athletic trainers do?

Athletic trainers are responsible for treatment throughout the entire injury process for a player, from the time of injury to the athlete returning to play. NFL players cannot perform at their highest level if they do not continue to take care of the bodies.

What is another name for athletic trainer?

Use AT as the abbreviation for athletic trainer. Use ATC only when referring to the credential. Do not use ATC/L, ATC/R, LATC or any other combination of ATC, as the credential is trademarked. NATA does not use the term “certified athletic trainers” unless the circumstance requires distinction.

Are athletic trainers first responders?

Athletic trainers are a key component to the heath care team, and work with physicians and other allied health personnel. Certified athletic trainers are first-responder medical personnel who are experts in injury assessment and treatment, particularly in the orthopaedic and musculoskeletal disciplines.

How much do certified athletic trainers make?

The average salary for an athletic trainer in California is around $56,910 per year.

How should an athletic trainer take a history what questions should be asked?

List 5 common questions that should be asked during the History portion of an evaluation? What is the problem? How and when did it occur? Did you hear or feel something?

What are considered required tasks of the athletic trainer according to the NATA Athletic Training Education competencies?

The knowledge of the key components of an emergency plan, the ability to recognize and appraise emergency plans, and the ability to develop emergency plans are all considered required tasks of the athletic trainer.

What does hips stand for in athletic training?

What does HIPS stand for? history, inspection, palpation, stress.

What do NFL athletic trainers make?

The average annual salary for the more than 100 athletic trainers on the payroll of NFL teams is $64,266 according to a survey conducted by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association in 2008, the latest year data is available.

How is math used in athletic training?

Usually, this includes taking measurements, calculating body fat index, BMI, and the waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). Combined with a client’s level of physical fitness, a trainer can then tailor a personalized workout regimen. Trainers also need to use math calculations when reassessing their clients.

Are there female athletic trainers in the NFL?

In 2016, Tiffany Morton made history when she was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs as an assitant trainer, making her the first woman athletic trainer in the NFL.

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