Does Pell Grant cover remedial courses?

certificate or degree, Pell Grant funding can cover tuition, fees, housing and food expenses, books and supplies, transportation, and child care. Pell Grants can cover up to a year of remedial coursework if the student has been admitted to an eligible program and the remediation is part of or required for that program.

What is another word for remediation?

decontamination, sanitation, rehabilitation, restoration, remedial, reclamation, reorganisation, cleanup, clean-up, ‘assainissement, regeneration, abatement, correction.

Why do I have to take remedial classes in college?

Remedial classes, which help students “catch up” on core subjects like math or English, are offered to help those who are having problems with advanced concepts before they can take college-level courses. Remedial college classes essentially serve as refresher courses.

How do you write a remedial action plan?

Elements of a Remedial Action Plan:

  1. A summary of the problem.
  2. A copy of the plans relating to worker health and safety, management of wastes produced, and quality assurance or quality control procedures, as they relate to the remedial action being done.
  3. A list of permits to go on with the remedial action.

What is remedial training?

Definition. Remedial Training shall mean that training designed to correct the behavior of personnel who have failed to perform their duties with the skill, knowledge and/or ability expected and/or required of them, or have otherwise demonstrated a need for additional training.

What is the opposite of remediation?

What is the opposite of remediation?

contamination pollution
befouling contaminating
soiling taint
corruption uncleanness
defilement filthiness
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