Does Cal State Fullerton require an essay?

Cal State Fullerton recommends that you take the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section. If you do well, they’ll consider your application to be stronger.

What is UCI most known for?

UCI is among the Top 5 fastest rising universities by Nature Index, an international journal of science, which gives high ranks to our programs in chemistry, physical sciences, earth and environmental sciences, and life sciences. The university placed third behind Princeton University and Northwestern University.

What is the average ACT score for UCI?

24-33 (2019–20)

What is the most difficult school in California to get into?

Stanford University

What GPA is required for CSUF?

To determine first-time freshman admission, Fullerton will rank order applicants by their “A-G” GPA for the entire freshman applicant pool. This includes applicants that meet the following criteria: California residents and graduates of California high schools with a 2.50 or greater “A-G” GPA.

Is Csuf a Division 1?

The Cal State Fullerton Titans (also known as CSUF or Fullerton Titans) are the athletic teams that represent California State University, Fullerton. The Titans are a member of the NCAA Division I level.

Is UC Irvine test blind?

Admission to the UC will be “test-blind” for applicants in Fall 2023 & 2024 enrollment.

What is the minimum GPA required to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in any major at CSUF?

Declared major; not a “pre-major” or “undeclared” Minimum of 85 earned units towards your degree. Minimum overall grade point average of 1.85. Minimum CSUF grade point average of 1.85.

How many applicants did UCI get 2020?

122,210 students

What does UCI look for in applicants?

UCI uses a comprehensive review process. Freshman applications are reviewed for completion of required college-preparatory coursework (“a-g”), demonstrated academic achievements, activities, talents, and skills — all in the context of your circumstances and experiences.

Are UC schools test blind for 2022?

In Fall 2022 and Fall 2023, UC will switch over to being a test blind school for California students. (It is expected to remain test optional for out-of-state and international students.)

Is UCI a prestigious school?

That’s a good school.” Although UCI is not as prestigious as UCLA or Berkeley, it is just as good in academics and sports as both those schools.

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