Can you retake Atar?

You certainly can in NSW. You can either retake a subject that you did poorly in, just doing Year 12 or do a completely new subject(s) requiring you to do year 11 & 12. Some schools allow you to do Year 11 & 12 in te one calendar year.

What is an Op 5 in Atar?

Since the late 1990s, all Australian states and territories (except Queensland) have used a common measure to rank Year 12 students for university admission….ATAR/OP comparison table.

2018 Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) 2018 Queensland Overall Position (OP)
92.00 5
91.00 6
90.00 6
89.00 7

What does an ATAR of 60 mean?

The sole purpose of the ATAR is for entry to University programs. An ATAR of 60 doesn’t mean the student got 60%. An ATAR of 60 doesn’t mean the student’s overall marks scaled to 60%. An ATAR of 60 means a student is in the 60th percentile, ie in the top 40%, of their year 7 cohort.

How can I get into university with a low Atar?

Pathways programs may also be navigated through alternative study. You may opt for a similar study program at another university, requiring a lower ATAR, then apply in your second year to the institution of your choice. You just need to maintain a good academic average.

How hard is it to get a 99.95 Atar?

Like an OP1, getting a 99 ATAR or even that elusive 99.95 ATAR isn’t impossible. It’s a process that involves a lot of passion for learning and commitment to constant improvement.

How do I get into USYD with a low Atar?

Complete the first year of a related course with a lower ATAR then apply to transfer into your preferred course. Apply for a graduate entry into postgraduate coursework, such as a master’s degree, after you have completed your undergraduate degree.

Should I drop Atar?

This can be a really good decision if you’re thinking about maximising your ATAR. By dropping down you may be able to improve your marks in the lower level subject and the scaled mark you achieve could help your ATAR in the short term.

How hard is it to get a 75 Atar?

Getting an ATAR of 75 isn’t that hard overall. However, your subjects aren’t exactly considered ‘hard’ and might get scaled down. Regardless of how hard or easy it might be to get a 75, aim to do the best, and it might open up a few more oppurtunities for uni courses.

What is the average ATAR 2020?


How do I apply for USYD?

How to apply

  1. Apply online. Applications for all our courses are submitted online.
  2. Your offer letter. Our system will make a recommendation for an English course type, based on your application.
  3. Pay your fees.
  4. Confirmation of enrolment.
  5. Apply for a visa.

What should I do if my Atar is low?

What to do if your ATAR is too low

  1. Don’t panic!
  2. Find a different way.
  3. Learn and earn.
  4. Consider bridging or pathway programs.
  5. Go back to the admissions booklet.
  6. Find out if you’re eligible for Special Entry Access Scheme.
  7. Check if a university course has uncapped places.
  8. Need to find out more?

Is an ATAR of 94 good?

(94 is a good ATAR, but to a system of 99.95 it’s not really a boasting number…) And also, what would make you look more “smart” is using you’re correctly.

What is the lowest possible Atar?


What happens if you don’t get good Atar?

If your ATAR is just below the cut-off score, there may be other selection criteria to gain entry into the course. You will probably need to get good marks in your current course to be able to transfer to your new qualification. Completing a bridging course. Bridging courses are short intensive courses.

What Atar do you need to get into Sydney Uni?

ATARs for 2020 admission

Number of students who met the 2020 guaranteed ATAR 8746
% of students who met the 2020 guaranteed ATAR 94.6
ATAR (excluding adjustment factors)
Lowest rank to receive an offer 54.45
Median rank to receive an offer 93.3

What Atar score do you need to get into university?

Indicative ATAR Cutoffs (2021)

University Arts Avg
University of Canberra 50 50
University of Melbourne 88 89
University of New England 73 73
University of New South Wales 80 87

Is an ATAR of 70 hard to get?

Anyway, an ATAR of 70 isn’t really hard to achieve – almost all people can achieve it if they put in some effort.

Is USYD hard to get into?

Admissions at the University of Sydney are very competitive. It continues to be a popular choice for both Australians as well as overseas students who want to get quality higher education in Australia.

How do I apply to international students at University of Sydney?

  1. Choose a course. Use our course search to browse our wide range of courses.
  2. Check your eligibility. For all courses, you will need to demonstrate that you:
  3. Gather your documents.
  4. Check your finances.
  5. Submit your application.

Why is Atar bad?

One main criticism of the ATAR is that it focuses too much on one specific measurement, causing high school students to feel as if their ATAR result will determine the course of their lives. The use of any single number as a measurement of one’s academic measurement is clearly too reductive.

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