Do medical schools automatically send secondary applications?

Many medical schools send secondaries automatically to all applicants; some even send secondaries to applicants as soon as they receive this notification from AMCAS.

When should secondaries be submitted by?

Generally it is best to turn in the secondary at least within two weeks after you received it. If the school gives you a submission deadline, try to submit at least two or three days before that deadline.

When should I submit Aacomas?

August 1

How do you update grades on Aacomas?

Update Your Coursework Click Edit under the school you are updating. Click the blue pencil next to the term you are updating (if you need to add a new term, click Add Term). Change the In Progress/Planned box to Completed. Update your courses, credits, and grades.

Do med schools reject overqualified applicants?

No, medical schools do not reject candidates for being “overqualified.” They DO reject candidates for being cocky, egotistical, and acting like the school owes them an acceptance just because the school’s averages are lower than the applicant’s stats are.

How long does it take for Aacomas to verify?

two weeks

What does Aacomas stand for?

The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS) is the centralized application service for U.S. osteopathic medical schools.

What are secondary applications?

Secondary applications, a.k.a. supplemental applications, are school-specific applications sent to an applicant after the primary application has been submitted. Secondary application questions are intended to elicit additional information about applicants and their fit for the school.

How long does it take medical schools to send secondary applications?

about two weeks

How long are secondary applications?

Can I add more schools after submitting Aacomas?

Academic History From the time you submit until your application is verified, you cannot make changes to your colleges, degrees, and coursework. Once your application is verified, you can: Add new colleges and degrees.

What are medical schools looking for in secondary applications?

Unlike primary applications, secondary applications ask specific questions about your goals, experiences, and your personal views on a range of topics, including your decision to go to medical school. Your secondaries will be read to see how they complement what you have said in your primary application.

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