Why is Turku Castle famous?

The castle has been the place of many historical events; in 1573–1579, for example, the deposed Swedish queen Karin Månsdotter was kept prisoner here. The castle is Finland’s most visited museum, with attendance reaching 200,000 in some years. In addition, many of the larger rooms are used for municipal functions.

Who lived in the Turku Castle?

From the 1550’s to 1563 Duke Johan of Finland resided there, and later it was the one of the prisons of the dethroned Swedish King Erik XIV, the Duke’s brother. A fire in 1614 destroyed most of the castle and after it was rebuilt, it was turned into a warehouse.

Who built Turku Castle?

The history of Turku Castle begins in the 1280’s. During the centuries the fortification gradually changed into a grand greystone palace. In 1556, King Gustav Vasa named his son Johan Duke of Finland. The era of Johan marked a new phase in the construction of the Castle.

When was the Turku castle built?

approximately 1280
History of Turku Castle Begun in approximately 1280, Turku Castle was constructed at a time when Finland, then Eastland, was part of Sweden. The castle’s role was as a centre of administration and a way to defend this territory.

Are there castles in Finland?

As a result of this, many castles and fortresses were built in Finland from the 13th century onwards. Today, there are three significant castles which have been largely restored; Turku, Häme, and Olavinlinna.

Are there castles in Sweden?

21 Fairytale Castles In Sweden

  • 1- Vittskövle Castle.
  • 2- Trolle-Ljungby Castle.
  • 3- Kalmar Castle.
  • 4- Trolleholm Castle.
  • 5- Örebro Castle.
  • 6- Drottningholm Palace.
  • 7- Läckö Castle.
  • 8- Kronovalls Castle.

Are there castles in Norway?

Norway Castles

  • 1- Akershus Castle. Akershus Castle is one of the impressive Norway castles to visit.
  • 2- Fredriksten Fortress. Fredriksten Fortress in Norway.
  • 3- The Royal Palace. The Norway Royal Palace in Oslo.
  • 4- Gamlehaugen Castle.
  • 5- Oscarshall Castle.
  • 6- Steinvikholm Castle.
  • 7- Bergenhus Fortress.
  • 8- Vardøhus Fortress.

What is the oldest castle in Norway?

Bergenhus fortress
Bergenhus fortress (Norwegian: Bergenhus festning) is a fortress located in Bergen, Norway. Located at the entrance of Bergen harbour, the castle is one of the oldest and best preserved stone fortifications in Norway….Bergenhus Fortress.

Bergenhus festning
Bergen, Norway
Bergenhus Fortress
Type Medieval fortress
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