What is the 205 bridge called?

Jackson Memorial Bridge
Jackson Memorial Bridge, or I-205 bridge, is a segmental bridge that spans the Columbia River between Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Planning for the structure began in earnest in 1964 when it was designated as part of the East Portland Freeway (later renamed Veteran’s Memorial Freeway), Interstate 205.

How long is the 205 bridge?

Length: 11,750 feet. North channel section, 7,460 feet; GovernmentIsland, 1,170 feet; south channel, 3,120 feet. Configuration: Twin spans joined by 9-foot bike/walk way. Four 12-foot-wide vehicle lanes with 10 foot shoulders each way.

How deep is the Columbia River at the 205 bridge?

32 ft
Segments 71 ft (22 m) wide, up to 32 ft (10 m) deep and 16 ft (5 m) long were cast in place for the 600-ft (183 in) main span over the navigation channel.

Did a car go over the 205 bridge?

Shortly after he left work— drivers reported a maroon SUV lose control, hit an embankment and go over the side of the Glenn Jackson bridge. After a prolonged search, divers eventually found the wreckage three days later and identified Amaro Lopez.

How long is the Glenn L Jackson bridge?

11,750′Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge / Total length

Who was Glen Jackson?

Glenn L. Jackson (nickname “Mr. Oregon”) (April 27, 1902 – June 20, 1980) was a businessman in the U.S. state of Oregon, and an influential transportation planner in the state.

When was Glenn Jackson bridge built?

1977Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge / Construction started

Who is the Glenn Jackson bridge named after?

Jackson died of cancer at the age of 78 on June 20, 1980, in Portland. The Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge, completed in 1982 to carry Interstate 205 across the Columbia River, is named after him.

How old is the Glenn Jackson Bridge?

40Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge / Age (c. 1982)

What is Glen Jackson doing?

Glen Jackson has made the transition from referee to coach, now an assistant with the Fiji national side.

What year did the Glenn Jackson bridge open?

December 15, 1982Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge / Opened

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