Who is Simon in Mrs Browns Boys?

Danny O’Carroll
In the original ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Simon is portrayed by Danny O’Carroll and gets the job as a senior porter (instead of getting it at 15 like in the books).

Who is Simon Brown in Mrs Brown?

Mrs. Brown’s Boys: The Original Series (TV Series 2002–2008) – Danny O’Carroll as Buster Brady, Simon Brown – IMDb.

Who is the 6th child of Mrs Brown?

The never mentioned sixth child in the TV series. There were seven children in the first film, Anjelica Huston’s 1999 film “Agnes Browne” (Browne spelled with an e) also, included yet another son Frankie Browne.

Where is Simon Brown?

Simon Brown is now a trainer in Hagerstown, MD.

How are Mrs Brown’s cast related in real-life?

40, plays his daughter-in-law as she is married to Agnes’ son Dermot. But in fact she’s actually married to Martin Delany, who plays Agnes’ son Trevor. So Fiona’s real-life step mum is Jennifer Gibney, Danny (Buster) is her brother, Eilish (Winnie) is her aunt and she’s aunt to Bono Brown as well (Jamie O’Carroll).

Is Buster related to Mrs Brown?

Yet another relation, the woman who plays Betty is married to Danny O’Carroll who plays Buster. This makes Amanda Brendan O’Carroll’s daughter-in-law. The on-screen grandson of Mrs Brown is also the off-screen grandson – Jamie is the son of Amanda and Danny who are both mentioned above.

How old is Grandad from Mrs Brown?

Granddad is around 92 years old as Agnes says in “The Mammy”, and fairly fit for that age: he can stand and walk perfectly without a walking stick and was even seen nearly running in “Mammy Rides Again”.

Who was Mrs Brown’s husband?

Redser Brown
Brown’s Boys and the host of the 2017 BBC entertainment show All Round to Mrs Brown’s….Agnes Brown.

Husband Redser Brown (1959–1990)
Sons Mark Brown Dermot Brown Rory Brown Trevor Brown Simon Brown (debatable) Frankie Brown (debatable)
Daughters Cathy Brown
Grandsons Bono Brown John Brown George Brown Ringo Brown

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