What is the working principle of Tubelight?

Tube shaped fluorescent lamp is termed as tube light. Tube light is a lamp that works on low pressure mercury vapor discharge phenomenon and converts ultra violate ray into visible ray with the help of phosphor coated inside glass tube.

What is Tubelight wiring?

The live wire is connected to the one terminal of the switch. From another terminal of the switch the wire is carried out up to tube light set up and connected to port 1. One terminal of choke or ballast is connected to port 1 and another terminal is connected to pin 1 of terminal 1.

How tube light circuit is connected and how it works?

How tube light circuit is connected and how it works? When we give the power to turn on the tube light, the voltage comes to this side with the help of starter and ballast and due to full voltage, the gas in the starter becomes ionized and heats the bent bimetallic strip to be connected to a fixed contact.

Why choke is used in tube light?

The vapor gets excited and produces ultraviolet radiation which interacts with the phosphor coating on the inner walls of the tube light and the phosphor produces the glow of the light emanating from the tube light. A choke coil is used to produce this high voltage across the tube.

What is tube light made of?

A fluorescent lamp consists of a glass tube filled with a mixture of argon and mercury vapour. Metal electrodes at each end are coated with an alkaline earth oxide that gives off electrons easily. When current flows through the gas between the electrodes, the gas is ionized and emits ultraviolet radiation.

What is the shape of tube light?

Answer. Answer: Shape of a tube light is Cylindrical.

Which is starter and choke in tube light?

A choke is a coil of wire. Fluorescent tubes/lamps are filled with mercury vapor. They use electric charge to excite mercury atoms in order to produce ultra violet light. A glow starter or commonly known as starter is used in the tube light circuit to provide an initial current to filaments of the tube light.

What is starter of tube light?

Fluorescent starters or glow starters are used to help fluorescent tubes and lamps ignite in the initial starting stage of their operation. Simply put, fluorescent starters are a timed switch. The switch opens and closes until the fluorescent tube ‘strikes’ and lights-up.

How many watts is a tube light?

1. Energy Consumption

Technology Ballast Factor Operational Wattage
34 Watt T12 Fluorescent Tubes 0.88 43 Watts
16 Watt T8 Equivalent LED Tube 1 16 Watts

How long is a tube light?

Common tube ratings

Tube diameter in 1⁄8 in (3.175 mm) Nominal length Nominal power (W)
T12 2 ft (610 mm) 20
T12 4 ft (1,219 mm) 40
T12 5 ft (1,524 mm) 65, 80
T12 6 ft (1,829 mm) 75, 85

What is self inductance?

Self-inductance is the tendency of a coil to resist changes in current in itself. Whenever current changes through a coil, they induce an EMF, which is proportional to the rate of change of current through the coil. Created by Mahesh Shenoy.

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