What happened to the Chinle Wildcats?

Chinle completed a great season, winning the 3A North Region regular season, capturing the 3A North Regional Tournament title, was ranked number one during the season. and was top ranked in the state tournament. The Wildcats finished the season with a 27-5 won-loss record, one of the best in school history.

What is it like to live in Chinle AZ?

Chinle is a very rural and secluded community within the Navajo Nation and doesn’t have much to offer in terms of social gatherings and community activities. The town is known mostly for the Canyon De Chelly National Park and has a lot of tourists across the country and the world.

When was Chinle High school built?

It was built in 2006 at a cost of $23 million and is described by The Arizona Republic sports columnist Richard Obert as “the best high school arena in Arizona”. It is also tied for the rank of 15th-largest high school basketball gymnasium in the United States.

What happened Cooper Burbank?

Aztecs men’s basketball signs Burbank from Chinle and Johnson from Bella Vista Prep. The Pima Community College men’s basketball team added to its 2020 recruiting class. Cooper Burbank, a 6-3 guard from Chinle High School, signed with the Aztecs.

Does Chinle win?

Cooper Burbank (Navajo): The 2020 Navajo Times Co-Player of the Year and Netflix Star. In a come from behind win in this 2019-20 season’s Arizona 3A North Regional boys’ basketball tournament, #2 seed Chinle HS defeated #3 seed Monument Valley HS 87-83.

Is Chinle AZ dry?

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Chinle Arizona, United States. In Chinle, the summers are hot, dry, and mostly clear and the winters are very cold, snowy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 21°F to 90°F and is rarely below 9°F or above 96°F.

Where are the Chinle players now?

Since last autumn 2018, Chance Harvey and Dewayne Tom have been attending the SAGU American Indian College in Phoenix, Arizona. They both play on their Warriors b-ball team. Josiah Tsosie is also at university but is at Arizona State.

Where did Cooper Burbank go to college?

Pima Community College
Cooper Burbank – Pima Community College.

Did Chinle beat Winslow?

Winslow took Chinle down on Friday in the Final Four. Final score, 68-57.

Is alcohol sold in Chinle AZ?

Tips. No alcohol is permitted on the premises of Navajo reservations. As a result, our Chinle hotel’s guests are not able to drink or buy alcohol while in Chinle. The expansive and dramatic beauty of this land is much better enjoyed with a clear mind.

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