What is wrist hand finger orthosis?

WHFOs are similar to wrist hand orthoses (WHOs), but extend to the tips of the fingers and thumb. They are used to prevent loss of range of motion or contracture at the wrist and fingers. WHFOs can be static or incorporate a joint for progressive stretching.

What is a thumb abduction splint?

Thumb strap helps to abduct and stabilize the first metacarpal and open thumb web space. Improves hand function. Latex free. This CMC support includes a firm, moldable insert inside the thumb strap. Thumb strap helps to abduct and stabilize the first metacarpal and open thumb web space.

What is elbow orthosis?

Elbow Orthoses (EO) These braces cross the elbow and can be used to resist movement or assist bending of the elbow for progressive stretching. EOs can also be used for support and positioning. These devices may be suitable for individuals with: Soft tissue injuries including ligamentous injuries. Post-surgical.

What is Opponens splint?

A splint designed to maintain the thumb in a position to oppose the other fingers.

What is a short Opponens splint?

The short thumb opponens orthosis is an important intervention for several hand conditions, such as: Ulnar and radial collateral ligament (UCL and RCL) injuries. Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) Generalized thumb pain.

What are thumb splints used for?

A thumb splint is a specialized brace with a thumb support or “spica”. Many people wear a thumb splint to stop hand or thumb pain. It’s also often used after thumb surgery. But a thumb splint is designed to keep the thumb immobile.

What are orthoses?

An orthosis is a device designed to improve biomechanical function, encourage proper joint alignment or to protect an existing limb. The Orthotics & Prosthetics Center at the University of Michigan is one of the few University based facilities in the country that offer comprehensive in-house orthotic services.

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