How do I reset my HP Laserjet p3005 printer?

Perform a cold reset:

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Turn the device on. When the memory count begins, press and hold the check button.
  3. After the message SELECT LANGUAGE appears on the display, press the arrow up or arrow down buttons until COLD RESET is highlighted.
  4. Press the check button.

How do I clean my HP Laserjet p3005 printer?

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  1. Press Menu .
  2. Press (DOWN) to highlight CONFIGURE DEVICE , and then press (SELECT).
  3. Press (DOWN) to highlight PRINT QUALITY , and then press (SELECT).
  4. Press (DOWN) to highlight CREATE CLEANING PAGE , and then press (SELECT).
  5. Remove all paper from tray 1.
  6. Remove the cleaning page and load it face-down in tray 1.

How do I reset my HP Laserjet 5200 printer?

To restore your HP printer to factory-default settings, follow these steps.

  1. Turn the printer off. Disconnect the power cable from the printer for 30 seconds and then reconnect.
  2. Turn the printer on while you press and hold the Resume button for 10-20 seconds. The Attention light turns on.
  3. Release the Resume button.

Why is my laser printer smearing?

Smears that appear in addition to otherwise well-formed output may signal toner contamination inside your LaserJet, either from a leaky cartridge or from improperly fused sheets that leave toner residue behind. Smears at the edge of the sheet that enters the printer first point to dirty paper guides.

How do I clean a clogged HP ink cartridge?

Isopropyl alcohol consists of 1/3 alcohol and 2/3 water. Soak a sponge or cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and use it to clean the copper circuit heads. You might find that using a swab or cloth dampened in warm water might be enough to do the trick.

How do you fix a streak on a laser printer?

Streaking is usually caused by a worn out drum unit or spent toner cartridge….How can I fix my laser printer’s streaking issue?

  1. Remove the cartridge and rock it back and forth a few times over a trashcan to evenly redistribute the toner powder.
  2. Reinstall the toner cartridge and run a test print.

How do I stop my HP printer from smearing?

HP Inkjet Supplies – Ink Smears or Streaks

  1. Step one: Check your paper. Make sure you printed on fresh, unwrinkled paper.
  2. Step two: Run the clean print cartridges utility. Press the Setup button.
  3. Step three: Clean the area around the cartridge nozzles. note:
  4. Step four: Replace the problem cartridge.

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