How do I become a flag state inspector?


  2. Comply with the following requirements:
  3. Provide copy of the Certificate of Proficiency that certified them as Merchant Marine Captain, Engine Room Chief, or Naval Officer.
  4. Applicants must submit the following updated training evidence at the time the application is submitted.

Who owns Liscr?

the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry
The Liberian Registry is administered by the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR, LLC), a private U.S. owned and globally operated company. LISCR is internationally recognized for its professionalism and commitment to reducing redundant workflow procedures in order to increase efficiency.

How do I use the Liberian flag?

The general requirements for rating applications are as follows:

  1. Ratings application form (see application page)
  2. Liberian Medical form (see application page)
  3. Colour photo.
  4. Valid passport copy.
  5. Certificate of Competency (COC) (in the case of Watchkeeping holders)
  6. Any supporting STCW certificates and copy of CDC.

What is the Liberian registry?

The Liberian Registry is a sovereign maritime jurisdiction responsible for the registration, regulatory enforcement, and safety of ocean-going ships. The Registry establishes identification details for ships and records legally enforceable documents, such as mortgages and bills of sale.

What is a flag state inspector?

Flag State Inspections are carried out by approved Flag State Inspectors and include verification of statutory documentation and a general examination of the vessel’s structure, machinery and equipment as well as a more thorough inspection and/or operational testing of fire fighting equipment, life saving appliances …

Who is sire inspector?

SIRE vetting inspectors are required to report on vessels or operational deficiencies, to detail both positive and negative comments on the vessel’s operation. They then make reports with the found deficiencies (rating them from High to Low risks) and give it to the vessel master at the end of every inspection.

How do you become a Liberian CDC?

Application for the issuance Seaman Book / CDC/ Supernumerary CDC

  1. Application form.
  2. Photo.
  3. Passport.
  4. Medical certificate on Liberia Format.
  5. Basic Safety Training.
  6. STSDSD.
  7. Liberia Flag Vessel name.
  8. Supernumerary Seaman Book/CDC will be valid for 18 Months for Children & Wife’s.

What is Liberian CDC?

LIBERIAN CDC (CONTINUOUS DISCHARGE CERTIFICATE) Girik Institute has Liberian approved 5 STCW courses. Liberian CDC requires the following: Copy of Data pages of a valid National Passport. Photo. Medical Certificate.

What does Liberia’s flag represent?

Symbolism. The eleven stripes symbolize the signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence and the red and white symbolize courage and moral excellence. The white star represents the first independent republic in Africa, above the blue square representing the African continent.

What is flag state requirements?

Flag states must, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea (UNCLOS) ensure that ships under their flag comply with international regulations, often adopted by the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO), on matters of safety, navigation, crewing etc.

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