What replaced the SRAM X9?

SRAM previously made a wide range of derailleurs for X5, X7, X9, X0 and XX but have limited their range to GX and X0 following the market shift to 11 speed drive trains. GX has replaced the old X7 and X9 price points. Your options are limited as SRAM and Shimano rear derailleurs/shifters are not compatible.

Is the SRAM X9 a clutch derailleur?

The SRAM X9 Type 2 Rear Derailleur helps prevent dropped chains and limits chain slap by incorporating a clutch mechanism that controls chain tension and stabilizes the rear derailleur cage.

What year did SRAM X9 come out?

SRAM’s 2011 X9 and X0 components are bookended by their already unveiled X7 and XX 10-speed components, so naturally you’ve assumed they will also be 10-speed. You’re right, they will be.

Do SRAM derailleurs have a clutch?

The SRAM Force 1 rear derailleur adopts all the technologies of SRAM 1x™ MTB to provide the fastest, quietest 1×11 shifting available. SRAM’s unique clutch system eliminates chain slack, providing for smoother, quieter, and more secure chain travel….Specifications.

Cage (RD) Long, Medium, Short
Max tooth 28, 36, 42

What do the screws do on a rear derailleur?

Derailleurs are fitted with limit screws that stop the derailleur from moving too far inward or too far outward. If you look closely as the derailleur moves, you can see the limit screws stopping the derailleur at each end of it’s travel.

How do I tune my AXS?

Simply hold down the AXS button on the rear derailleur until the LED blinks green, then hold down the AXS button on the remote/shifter until the LED on that blinks green. Then push the AXS button on the rear derailleur a final time and both LEDs will turn off. This should mean that both units are paired and good to go.

What does derailleur clutch do?

The point of the clutch mechanism is to tension the chain to keep it in place when riding over rough and uneven ground, eliminating or at least decreasing ‘chain slap’ — when the chain lashes the chainstay, potentially causing damage — and the risk of the chain unshipping completely.

Which SRAM derailleurs have a clutch?

Following intense speculation, SRAM have unveiled a clutch-equipped rear derailleur to rival Shimano’s XTR Shadow Plus design. The Type 2 mech, which will be available in both X0 and X9 guise, has a clever mechanism inside its otherwise-standard lower knuckle that combats excess chain movement on rough terrain.

What does a clutch do on a rear derailleur?

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