Who are the members of YPO?

Notable members

  • Charles R.
  • Peter Ueberroth, Chairman, 1984 L.A. Olympic Games, former Commissioner, Major League Baseball.
  • Bob Galvin, Founder & former CEO, Motorola.
  • Jim Balsille, Co-Founder & former Co-CEO, Research in Motion/Blackberry.
  • Scott Cook, Founder & former CEO, Intuit.

What does Young Presidents organization do?

We are the global leadership community of chief executives driven by the shared belief that the world needs better leaders. We come together in YPO to become better leaders and better people. Through YPO, we are inspired and supported to make a difference in the lives, businesses and the world we impact.

How much does it cost to join YPO?

Prospective members may approach the organization directly, but most are scouted by current members. There is an initiation fee of $600 and an annual membership fee of $600 plus the cost of individual YPO events. On their 50th birthdays, members are awarded a rocking chair and drummed out.

What is the age cut off for YPO?

Qualifying Age A new application must be approved by YPO before the applicant reaches his or her 45th birthday.

Who owns YPO?

We’re 100% publicly owned, by 13 local authorities, which means the profits we make are returned to our public sector customers, delivering even better value for money.

Where is Xavier Mufraggi from?

Raised in Europe, the U.S. in Washington, D.C. and the Ivory Coast, he and his family currently reside in Paris, France. Mufraggi is succeeding Scott Mordell in the position.

Who is Elizabeth Zucker?

Elizabeth Zucker served as the 2019-2020 YPO Chairman, the organization’s highest elected officer. As a member of YPO St. Louis, she became the 68th YPO Chairman on 1 July 2019. She is currently the Chair of the Compensation and HR Committee and the Governance and Succession Committee.

Who is Ray Hickok?

Rae Hickok, founded in 1909 by buying a small jewelry plating business for $350. Mr. Hickok also developed prototypes of safety seat belts, which ultimately became standard automobile equipment and are credited with saving many lives. Because of his own early struggles as a business official, Mr.

What is YPO gold?

YPO Gold connects former YPO’ers in a global network unlike any other. While individual priorities may shift between YPO and YPO Gold, the value of peer exchange remains the same. YPO Gold members are committed to each other, to mentoring YPO members and to encouraging the next generation of business leaders.

How big is YPO?

We are the global leadership community of extraordinary chief executives — over 30,000 members around the world, coming together to become better leaders and better people. YPO is proud to be the largest community of extraordinary female chief executives in the world.

Who is the CEO of Club Med North America?

Carolyne Doyon –
Carolyne Doyon – President & CEO, North America and the Caribbean – Club Med | LinkedIn.

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