How do you adjust kerning in FontLab?

Select the Text tool and type AT in the Glyph Window. Select the Kerning tool and open the Kerning panel ( Window > Panels > Kerning ) Click on T , the second glyph, and then drag it closer or farther to the previous glyph in the string, or you can drag the “thumb” below the pair.

How do I adjust kerning in Fontforge?

In the Metrics Window, the kerning value between two characters can be manually adjusted either by dragging the right-hand character to or from the left-hand character, or by editing the kerning value directly in the metrics table of the window.

How do I use FontLab fonts?

Creating a New Font

  1. The Welcome Dialog box, which appears when you start the application, has a green button labeled Create New Font . Click on that button to create a new font.
  2. If FontLab is already running, you can select File > New Font ( Cmd N ) to create a new font.

How do I add ligatures to FontForge?

FontForge cannot create a nice ligature for you, but what it can do is put all the components of the ligature into the glyph with Element->Build->Build Composite. This makes it slightly easier (at least in latin) to design a ligature. Use the Element -> Glyph Info dialog to name the glyph and mark it as a ligature.

What is ascent and descent in font?

The ascent of a font is the distance from the tops of the tallest glyphs to the baseline. The descent of a font is the distance from the baseline to the bottom of the lowest descenders on the glyphs.

How do I write in FontLab?

Fontlab turns Auto wrap on automatically every time you open a text which is longer than 80 characters. To add a text to the Text library, type it into the text area in the sidebar or directly in the Glyph window, and then press the button. It will be added to the list you can access from the Text menu.

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