How do you feed a sundew?

Spraying with Maxsea plant food (aka foliar fertilizing) is the easiest and quickest way to feed your sundews. Simply spray your Maxsea solution once directly onto the sundew leaves. Just one quick spritz is plenty. You’ll see the tentacles curl in like they were wrapping around live prey.

Can you water a sundew with tap water?

Never water Sundews with tap water or bottled water, as these contain large amounts of minerals that are very harmful to them.

How do you revive a dying sundew?

  1. Move the sundews into the location you plan to grow them in (considering light acclimation as well) and leave them there for a half hour.
  2. Take them back indoors and let them recover (may not be necessary if conditions are favorable outdoors)

Do I need to feed my sundew?

Feeding them will greatly speed up growth and encourage flowering- and even increases seed set and seed size for many Drosera species. Before reaching their full size, most sundews need to continually catch food, or “eat” in order to grow larger.

Can sundews eat mealworms?

Bloodworms are ideal for almost all species, particularly sundews (Drosera) and butterworts (Pinguicula), while mealworms and crickets are often good for larger pitcher plants (Sarracenia and Nepenthes).

How do you make distilled water for plants?

Put a heat-resistant glass bowl in the pot so it floats. Take a glass lid, turn it upside down, and add ice on top. Turn on stove until water in the pot starts to boil. Once it starts boiling, turn down to a simmer.

Why is my sundew not red?

Re: New sundew leaves tentacles not red. Since if is eating more, it needs to get more light to put those nutrients to use, so it loses its red pigmentation on the newer leaves.

Can you mist sundews?

Yes its fine to give them a light mist every day.

Do sundews need dormancy?

Most sundews (apart from the hardy ones) do not require a dormant period, and if kept warm enough, will keep growing all winter. However some such as the fork-leaved, and Cape sundews (D. capensis, D. aliciae) will die back if kept in a cold greenhouse.

Why does my sundew have no dew?

The most common reason for a dewless sundew is low humidity. Other possibilities include temperatures that are too high, light that is too low, and impure water.

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