Is 4 sticks of ram better than 2 Reddit?

2 ranks per channel is optimal. So 2 sticks of dual rank or four sticks of single rank. 2 sticks of dual is a bit better because you can use them on 2 dimm boards and a lot of 4 dimm boards use the daisy chain topology for the ram. Which means that 2 sticks are favoured when overclocking.

Is 2 4GB sticks of ram better than 1 8GB?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. 8GB RAM gives you the option of upgrade. If your motherboard is equipped with four slots for memory, then two 4GB sticks are more efficient because you already have a dual-channel, which means more memory.

Is it better to have 4 4GB ram sticks or 2 8GB ram sticks?

2 sticks is slightly more easy on the memory controller, but most times larger sticks do not have as tight of timings as the smaller ones. All things being equal, you will not feel the difference, but 2 sticks is more easy on the system and can sometimes give a better chance of using a command rate of 1.

Should I use 4 RAM sticks?

Installing four memory modules in a dual-channel system can improve performance in certain scenarios. However it should be made clear that this won’t automatically translate into a 5-7% performance boost in games.

Are more or less RAM sticks better?

If the RAM is the same ( all single or all dual channel, same speed and put in right) there should be no real difference other than the fact that you have more RAM available.

Is it better to use one stick of RAM or two?

Eventually, installing four sticks of 2GB RAM is always better than using two sticks of 4GB RAM or a single 8GB RAM module. In addition to being reliable, the increase in the number of sticks will make the system faster.

Is 4 sticks of RAM slower than 2?

Well, let’s start with the obvious points: 2 Sticks of RAM are generally less expensive than 4 Sticks. It’s easier to push higher memory speeds and lower CAS latencies with fewer sticks. Dual Channel support is a guarantee; Quad Channel support is not.

How many RAM sticks should I use?

“You Must Use an Equal Number of RAM Sticks” The final myth is that you must always use an equal number of RAM sticks. Like the first section on different sizes, you don’t have to use two or four or six RAM sticks. No, you can use one stick of RAM—hence why manufacturers make and retail single sticks of RAM.

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