What is C sharp interview questions?

C# Basic Interview Questions

  • How is C# different from C?
  • What is Common Language Runtime (CLR)?
  • What is garbage collection in C#?
  • What are the types of classes in C#?
  • What is a managed and unmanaged code?
  • What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface?

What is abstraction in C# Interview Questions?

A method that does not have the body is called an abstract method. It is declared with the modifier abstract. It contains only the Declaration/signature and does not contain the implementation/ body of the method. An abstract function should be terminated with a semicolon.

What is Generics in C# Interview Questions?

Generics refers to the technique of writing the code for a class without specifying the data type(s) that the class works on. It allow you to define type-safe data structures, without committing to actual data types.

How is C# different from C?

C# is a object-oriented programming language, is pronounced as C-Sharp. This language was developed to compete with Java, by Microsoft under the leadership of Anders Heijlberg and his team….Difference between C and C#

4. C language can be executed cross-platform. Whereas .NET Framework is required to execute C# language.

What is object-oriented programming C#?

C# is an object-oriented programming language. The four basic principles of object-oriented programming are: Abstraction Modeling the relevant attributes and interactions of entities as classes to define an abstract representation of a system.

What is static class in C#?

A static class in C# is a class that cannot be instantiated. A static class can only contain static data members including static methods, static constructors, and static properties. In C#, a static class is a class that cannot be instantiated.

What is C# Experience?

C# developers build applications and programs using the . NET framework for use on Windows operating systems. They primarily write code, develop and design user interfaces as well as debug and maintain code for clients. They can be trained as full-stack developers or specialize in either front-end or back-end coding.

What are generic types in C#?

Generic means the general form, not specific. In C#, generic means not specific to a particular data type. C# allows you to define generic classes, interfaces, abstract classes, fields, methods, static methods, properties, events, delegates, and operators using the type parameter and without the specific data type.

Why C# is called C sharp?

The name “C sharp” was inspired by the musical notation whereby a sharp symbol indicates that the written note should be made a semitone higher in pitch. This is similar to the language name of C++, where “++” indicates that a variable should be incremented by 1 after being evaluated.

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