Who is the best carp angler in the UK?

ANDY LITTLE. One of the best-known and successful carp anglers of all time, Andy Little, burst nationally onto the carp scene in 1980 when he became a member of the first Savay Syndicate.

Who owns Wraysbury?

The reservoir is owned and operated by Thames Water; 400 million litres (100 million gallons) of water are pumped daily from an inlet at Datchet on the River Thames.

How big is Wraysbury?

With 140 acres of mirror-glass waters just 30 minutes from London, Wraysbury 2 (W2) is widely regarded as one of Britain’s finest carp waters.

What is the British crucian carp record?

4 lb 12 oz
Current records supported by photographic evidence

Species Weight lb’s oz Time Record Held
Crucian carp (Carassius carassius) 4 lb 12 oz 347 days
Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) 53 lb 12 oz 3 years, 235 days
Grayling (Thymallus thymallus) 4 lb 8 oz 3 years, 55 days
Golden Orfe (Leuciscus idus) 8 lb 5 oz 20 years, 364 days

What is the current British carp record?

‘ The current British record for a carp is held by Dean Fletcher who caught a specimen weighing 68lbs 10z at the Wasing estate fishery in Berkshire in 2016.

Can you walk around Wraysbury reservoir?

Slow paced, flat walk; expected muddy. Wraysbury Lake, Ankerwycke, Wraysbury village. Pub lunch at The Perseverance in Wraysbury towards walk end. 4.5 miles, about 2.5 hours walking.

Where can I fish in Wraysbury?

Fishing in Wraysbury The B376 runs through the village and the area holds some of Britain’s most famous fisheries. The River Colne Brook provides river fishing in the area, with chub and barbel available. All other fishing is via stillwaters with the famous Wraysbury gravel pits dominating the scene.

Is Wraysbury in Middlesex?

The Wraysbury Reservoir is located to the east, administratively wholly in the Spelthorne district of Surrey, although it was historically divided between Buckinghamshire and Middlesex….

Unitary authority Windsor and Maidenhead
Ceremonial county Berkshire
Region South East
Country England

Where is the best place to catch carp?

They can be caught in all depths of water from a foot to 30 feet or more. Carp usually patrol the margin areas early morning and late evening in rivers and lakes foraging for food and can be caught near reed beds, lilies and most structure relatively easily at these times of day.

Who holds the British carp record?

Current records supported by photographic evidence

Species Weight lb’s oz Captor
Carp, Leather (Cyprinus carpio {corium} ) 54 lb 8 oz Steve Fudge
Carp, Mirror (Cyprinus carpio {speculo} ) 75 lb 2 oz Wayne Mansford
Chub (Squalius cephalus) 9 lb 5 oz Neill Stephen
Crucian carp (Carassius carassius) 4 lb 12 oz Julian Barnes

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